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Innovative Systems Launches New Video Transcoder

Launching a disruptive business model for independent video operators, Innovative Systems has brought to market the new InnoCoder T-40 transcoder that provides a new market option for this type of equipment. The new commercial grade T-40 platform offers real-time encoding and transcoding into industry-standard formats. The latest hardware system from Innovative is designed to support all IPTV Middleware and HLS streaming platforms, as well as other video applications.


Subscription Model is a Differentiator

According to VP of Video Engineering Jerry Weber, “We have taken a unique approach with this hardware by offering it in a subscription-based solution.” Weber adds, “With over 200 operators currently using our video solutions in both IPTV, and HLS streaming we kept hearing a need for a more reasonable pricing option in transcoding and encoding equipment, and were compelled to deliver a solution.” The T-40 offers multiple Adaptive Bit Rate profiles and is a good fit for service provider where bandwidths at the premise vary greatly.