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About Us


A world where communications are limitless, advancing the quality of life and digital equity anywhere and everywhere.


The Fiber Broadband Association’s mission is to accelerate the deployment of fiber broadband networks to ensure
digital equity and enable every community to leverage economic and societal benefits that only fiber can deliver.

Modern American history is marked by inflection points that changed the course of how we live — from the electrification of rural America to the creation of a national highway system. Today, connecting every home and business across the US with fiber broadband will create that kind of seismic change.

The Fiber Broadband Association is the voice of fiber. As the premier association that focuses solely on fiber, we are relentless in our work to connect every American with fiber. Because only fiber can close the digital divide, and unleash economic development that will raise the quality of life for every single one of us — providing education and job opportunities; eliminating poverty; creating sustainability and enabling innovations we haven’t even thought of yet. Fiber ensures no one gets left behind.

The moment is now for fiber. So we ask you to join us. This is our call to action. Because the future not only belongs to fiber; fiber will enable the future. Fiber Broadband Association. When fiber leads, the future follows.

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