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Committees and Working Groups

Committees are a great way to get involved with Association leadership and direction. In order to participate in any of our committees or working groups you must be a current Fiber Broadband Association Member. To join one of the committees or working groups below simply click the corresponding “join” button to email the staff liaison.

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee plans and coordinates all Fiber Broadband Association events including the annual Fiber Connect conference and Regional Fiber Connect Workshops.

Chair: Evann Freeman, EPB
Board Liaison: Joseph Jones, On Trac, Inc.


Deployment Specialists Committee

The FBA Deployment Specialists Committee was created to provide a discussion forum for all entities involved in the fiber deployment process. The group specifically intends to provide education around and raise awareness about the fiber deployment process, effective fiber installs and ensuring a safe worksite while protecting underground facilities in areas of excavation.

Chair: Brendan O’Boyle, Preformed Line Products
Board Liason: Mark Boxer, OFS


Education Sub-Committee

The Education subcommittee is focused on workforce development and fiber optic training for the industry.

Co-Chair: Mark Boxer, OFS
Co-Chair: Brendan O’Boyle, Preformed Line Products
Board Liaison: Mark Boxer, OFS


In-Home Experience Working Group

Focus on improving the in-home experience by defining specs for architects, home builders, and consumers and software applications that will ensure that consumers get the maximum benefit out of their Gigabit FTTH experience.

Chair: Doug Blue, Nokia
Board Liaison: Jimmy Todd, Nex-Tech


Marketing Committee

This group of industry marketing experts focuses on best practices for the marketing and promotion of fiber broadband services and hosts a marketing best practice webinar series.

Chair: Kimberly Biddy, EPB
Board Liaison: Kim McKinley, UTOPIA Fiber


Public Policy Committee

This committee focuses on fiber broadband advocacy on Capitol Hill, the Administration, and at key federal agencies such as the FCC, NTIA, and USDA RUS, in addition to weighing in on relevant State broadband issues.

Co-Chair: Chris Champion, C Spire
Co-Chair: Jordan Gross, Corning
Board Liaison: Ariane Schaffer, Google Fiber


Public Officials Roundtable

This Roundtable includes over 150 elected officials from over 45 States, representing small rural communities to large cities, such as NYC. These officials discuss broadband challenges and share experiences from the communities that they serve.

Co-Chair: Bob Knight, Harrison-Edwards
Co-Chair: Kim McKinley, UTOPIA Fiber
Board Liaison: Kim McKinley, UTOPIA Fiber


Power Utilities Roundtable

This Roundtable includes a wide range of Utility broadband providers, who share experiences and best practices for fiber broadband deployment, operations and challenges from the communities that they serve.

Chair: Pete Hoffswell, Holland Board of Public Works
Board Liaison: Scott Jackson, Graybar


Supply Chain Working Group

This group is tasked with developing a detailed map of the fiber industry supply chain so that we can educate and focus on the specific bottlenecks that are impacting fiber deployment.

Chair: Scott Jackson, Graybar
Board Liaison: Scott Jackson, Graybar


Sustainability Working Group

A newly formed effort with FBA members that have an interest in establishing “net zero” targets for fiber providers by encouraging industry recycling, reduction of truck rolls, reducing energy consumption, using renewable energy, and a range of ESG initiatives to obtain greater operational efficiencies.

Co-Chair: Michel Langlois, Calix
Co-Chair: Ronan Kelly, ADTRAN
Board Liaison: Ariane Schaffer, Google Fiber


Tribal Broadband Roundtable


Co-Chair: Sachin Gupta, Centranet
Co-Chair: Robert Griffin, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

Trusted Fiber Working Group

This group is focused on establishing metrics and standards for the ethical production, distribution, and pricing of fiber by trusted suppliers.

Chair: Patrick Jacobi, Prysmian
Board Liaison: Joe Jensen, Corning


Technology Committee

The Technology Committee develops fiber broadband-related studies and whitepapers that are the basis for the Association’s data/fact-driven advocacy.

Chair: John George, OFS
Board Liaison: Mark Boxer, OFS


Women in Fiber Committee

Women in Fiber has expanded to over 180 members, 5 subcommittees, and over a dozen women who have taken on varying levels of WIF leadership roles.  This group celebrates Women in the Fiber industry and works on developing education and best practices to advance our industry forward.

Chair: Alexa Edens, KGPCo
Board Liaison: Katie Espeseth, EPB


For more information about Fiber Broadband Association Committees & Working Groups please contact member services.