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ADTRAN Electrifies Utility Market

Today, ADTRAN announced several new utility customers that are using its fiber solutions to boost connectivity across rural Arkansas, Oklahoma, Georgia and Ohio. This new bundle of customer deployments demonstrate ADTRAN’s ability to help any type of service provider build its best network, regardless of their experience, location, environment or technology of choice. Below is an overview of the news: 

  • OzarksGo – An electric coop leveraging RDOF funding and a full portfolio of ADTRAN’s broadband access and whole-home Wi-Fi solutions to improve capacity and subscriber experience in rural Arkansas and Oklahoma. Subscribers will have premium internet service to support work-from-home, remote learning, precision farming and manufacturing plants/offices of some of the largest companies in the world.
  • City of Monroe – A municipal utility provider in Georgia able to cost-effectively deliver Gigabit FTTH services to both high-density urban and low-density rural customers with ADTRAN’s fiber access platform, including a vibrant downtown district where businesses rely on reliable connectivity as a lifeline.
  • Consolodated Cooperative – An Ohio electric coop using ADTRAN’s fiber access platform to expedite service delivery and higher speed tiers in order to meets its goal of doubling the number of homes passed by the end of 2021.