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The Keys to Building an Online Community and Why it Matters to Your Retention Strategies

Find out how to reduce your churn and delight your customers by giving them a voice. Join us for a webinar with 3-GIS Instructional Designer Steve Seagraves, who will talk with Rick Bruce, Director of Product Development for Accord LMS, about the importance of online user communities, the impact 2020 had for online learning, and how companies such as 3-GIS are leveraging platforms like Accord LMS to further engage and enhance the knowledge and expertise of both employees and end users.

During this webinar the panelists will discuss:

  • State of online training and learning
  • 2020 and the adoption of the remote-first culture
  • How companies are leveraging online learning technology
  • Benefits of a user community
  • Ways to increase learner engagement without wasting their time
  • The value proposition of knowledge ambassadors

Join us on Wednesday, June 23, 2021, at 10:30 a.m. CDT to find out more about how technology companies are taking user engagement to the next level, training professionals faster, and fostering knowledge-transfer across teams in real-time.

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