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Magellan Advisors and the City of Moreno Valley Begin Municipal Broadband Network Planning

Denver, CO, July 26, 2021 – Magellan Advisors and the City of Moreno Valley, CA have begun municipal broadband network planning to identify options for leveraging the City’s fiber-optic assets to expand access to high-speed internet services for Moreno Valley’s business and anchor institutions.

During this initial planning phase of the project, Magellan Advisors will assist the City of Moreno Valley with creating a plan to ensure robust broadband is available to support economic development and Smart City initiatives in the years to come. Phase 1 of the project includes outreach to the community to understand broadband use and the need for additional broadband options, development of a business and operations model for a municipal broadband network, a high-level network design for expanding the existing fiber-optic asset to serve more of the community, and a financial cost/benefit analysis to determine the sustainability of a municipal broadband program.

As a part of the project, Magellan Advisors and the City of Moreno Valley will conduct outreach and an online survey to gain user insight. Details regarding the timeframe and outreach will be available at the City’s Broadband website ( over the coming months, as the project kicks off.

The outcome of this planning stage of the project will determine how the City moves forward with Phase 2, which may include a potential expansion of City-owned broadband assets to provide additional service offerings and promote economic development by bringing new options for high-speed internet connectivity to the community.

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