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IQGeo Announces 2021 Global Customer Innovation Awards for Chubu, GGI, MDU, Swish Fibre, Tachus, TDS and Ting

Cambridge, 27 October 2021 – IQGeo (AIM: IQG), a developer of geospatial productivity and collaboration software for the telecoms and utility industries, today announced the winners of its 2021 Customer Innovation Awards. Given out this year at IQGeo’s Virtual Meetup, seven new and long-standing customers were named for their outstanding innovation in the telecommunication, fiber network and utility industries. This years’ winners were Chubu Electric Power, GCI, MDU, Swish Fibre, Tachus, TDS Telecom and Ting.

Each of the winning companies demonstrated exceptional innovation in the deployment of IQGeo technology and for the significant contribution they have made to the transformation and optimization of their business.

Winner: Chubu Electric Power (Nagoya, Japan)

Disaster Recovery Information Sharing System (DRISS)

Chubu Electric deployed the IQGeo geospatial platform as the foundation for their Disaster Recovery Information Sharing System accessible to more than 4000 users. This high-visibility project was completed in just two months and was operational in time to respond to Japan’s often severe typhoon season. The solution provides specialist response teams with a shared real-time view of changing network conditions so they can quickly and safely restore electrical service.

Winner: GCI (Anchorage, Alaska, USA)

Complete network visibility

Using the OSPInsight software and Add-ons, GCI has created a comprehensive network visibility solution that assists with everything from expansion planning to field operations for its fiber network across Alaska. Daily operations allow their team to prioritize repairs, optimize field operations with splice reports, and make informed and accurate decisions on network growth opportunities. The integrated solution is enhancing strategic collaboration and improving tactical efficiencies.

Winner: MDU (Bismarck, North Dakota, USA)

Single pane of glass integration

As one of IQGeo’s longest-standing customers, MDU initially deployed an inspection and survey application for its gas network in Northern US states. In 2021 it completed an innovative expansion to provide real-time integration with applications that include its Esri GIS and Maximo EAM systems. This new solution provides a single integrated view of its network operation that delivers the right information to the right people at the right time, reducing digital fatigue, cutting technical debt, and empowering more productive employees.

Winner: Swish Fibre (London, UK)

Fast growing innovation

Swish Fibre operates in the highly competitive UK telecom market and rapidly rolled out the IQGeo geospatial software suite to create an end-to-end view of its operational lifecycle that supports office-based, contractor and field teams. Swish is leading the industry with a fully digital operation that eliminates siloed applications, spreadsheets, and paper drawings. This digital system automates construction processes and integrates a range of applications to reduce delivery timetables, increase project volume, and cut bottlenecks.

Winner: Tachus (Houston, Texas, USA)

Mobile-ready workforce

Tachus was one of the first customers to equip its Texas-based field teams with the new OSPInsight Mobile Add-on. Its rapid deployment provides innovative new mobile capabilities to perform network-connected field audits, surveys and walkouts. They now capture as-built data directly from the field and attach GPS overlays and network information to the imagery and feed it directly back to operations teams to create a near-seamless integrations that improve process efficiency and data quality.

Winner: TDS Telecom (Madison, Wisconsin, USA)

Digital construction management

TDS Telecom rapidly implemented IQGeo’s Workflow Manager software in 2021 to support their FTTx programs across regional areas in the US. Its creative construction management application was rolled out to a diverse group of engineering contractors to capture real-time project metrics that help them respond quickly to project changes and better control supply chain requirements. The solution is delivering faster time to revenue with best-practice construction management.

Winner: Ting (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Rapid deployment and integration

Ting recognized the need to modernize their network system of record to support their plans for extensive network expansion in Canada and the US. Against a very aggressive timetable the team replaced its legacy GIS software with an IQGeo Network Manager solution, integrating key applications. The forward-thinking configuration is fully cloud hosted to create a resilient, secure, and highly scalable environment to match its ambitious business objectives.

Richard Petti, CEO at IQGeo said: “On behalf of the entire IQGeo team I would like to extend our congratulations to all our 2021 Innovation Award winners on the outstanding projects they have delivered. The use cases developed by Chubu Electric, GCI, MDU, Swish Fibre, Tachus, TDS, and Ting are impressive technical solutions that exemplify our core values of innovation, value, safety and customer service.

We announced our annual Customer Innovation Awards during the IQGeo Virtual Meetup held in October 2021 where we focused on the theme of “Time to Impact”. Our Meetup sessions explored the business and financial benefits of delivering high-impact results quickly and consistently, and our award winners this year all demonstrated this critical ability in different ways. The need to move quickly and confidently has always been important and the recent pandemic has accelerated the necessity for digital transformation rooted in an accurate real-time network view.

Our seven Innovation Award winners for 2021 have excelled in the quality of their business vision and in their ability to execute high-impact projects, and we are delighted to have been selected as the technology partner to help each of them achieve their goals.”