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Fiber Broadband Association Research to Reveal Big Economic Benefits Fiber Brings to North America

WASHINGTON, D.C.—(June 13, 2022)—Today at Fiber Connect 2022, the Fiber Broadband Association today announced several new research projects and opportunities within its Research Advisory Program. Over the next few months, the Fiber Broadband Association will publish white papers, profiles, and research that presents trends, challenges, and predictions for the fiber broadband industry. Each project provides actionable data to help Association members progress broadband connectivity initiatives within their own companies, promote unlimited capacity across North America, and open limitless possibilities to the communities they serve. For example, an upcoming broadband community profile will reveal how one community in Massachusetts has deployed fiber broadband that now delivers over $88 million annually in job-related benefits.

“Our Research Advisory Program is unique because it leverages the Fiber Broadband Association’s informed perspectives, expertise, and partners to provide valuable insights into the state of the industry,” said Deborah Kish, Vice President of Research and Workforce Development at the Fiber Broadband Association. “We’re fortunate to work with highly accredited research partners to produce unbiased, actionable intelligence that our members can leverage to advance their business, achieve their unique goals, and help us all close the digital equity gap forever.”

The Fiber Broadband Association’s Research Advisory Program produces informative research and proof of fiber’s positive impact on broadband deployments across North America. The program produces white papers, technical analysis, market evaluations, broadband community profiles, case studies, survey-based research, and qualitative summaries that are developed by the Fiber Broadband Association and its third-party research partners. Each piece of research analyzes trends, challenges, and wins across the fiber broadband industry. Fiber Broadband Association members and non-members can sponsor specific research that will help them understand markets, overcome challenges, generate leads, and move their business forward.

The upcoming Fiber Broadband Association research includes the following projects:

Westfield, Mass., Broadband Community Profile – The second in a series of profiles that capture the economic and societal impact of fiber on communities across the country. Futuriom Research conducts the study about how the Massachusetts community realized over $88 million annually in job-related benefits from the installation of fiber optic broadband.

Global Sustainability Survey – This research is a joint project among the Fiber Council Global Alliance to investigate and understand the fiber industry’s commitment to sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy, as well as where service providers and vendors are in terms of reaching their sustainability goals and milestones.

Fueling Broadband Growth with Open Access Models White Paper – In partnership with Futuriom, the Fiber Broadband Association studies how Open Access Networks are helping solve the need for fiber infrastructure in unserved or underserved communities. The research looks at Open Access Network models, in which multiple providers share a network like in a wholesale approach, and their ability to boost fiber availability for a range of services.

The Cost of In-Home Experience White Paper – RVA LLC is leading a research survey that asks Internet service providers and engineers about Wi-Fi delivery and maintenance costs, outage information and processes, and Wi-Fi performance. The results will be summarized in a white paper and presented in a webinar.

Software Design Engineering for Pre-Connectorized Cable Survey – In partnership with Lightwave, Broadband Technology Report, ISE Magazine, and Corning, the Fiber Broadband Association is conducting survey research to determine if there is a preference by service providers to use design engineering software and what they use it for.

Compensation Survey – The Fiber Broadband Association conducted a compensation survey for Fiber Optic Technicians and Outside Plant Engineers. The research creates a baseline and guidance for members on average wages, allowing them to adjust their compensation strategies and avoid recent poaching practices for these much-needed positions today and in the future.

For more information about the Fiber Broadband Association’s Research Advisory Program, please contact Deborah Kish at


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