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Fiber Connects Nebraska Youth to a Bay of New Opportunities

ALLO Communications, a telecommunications company offering fiber broadband services in 40 cities across Nebraska, Colorado, and Arizona, is looking to “change the ecosystem” of the communities it serves one fiber broadband connection at a time, according to ALLO Communications President and CEO Brad Moline.

On this week’s episode of Fiber for Breakfast, Moline explained that ALLO is on a mission to do great things with the connectivity it provides, including improving how hospitals work with patients, how schools work their students, how business operate, and more. “We want to be involved and we want to change things,” he said.

One of ALLO’s most exciting initiatives is Bay High, a high school focus program in Lincoln, Nebraska, that creates opportunities for local students. It was created by Lincoln Public Schools and Rabble Mill, a nonprofit organization that works with Nebraska youth to help them grow, achieve, and reinvest in their community.

Like in other communities across the country, there are students in Lincoln, Neb., that are extremely creative and talented, but require an alternative way to learn and succeed. Bay High prepares these students to become innovators in the progressive world of entrepreneurship, emerging technology, and content creation. The school encourages students to enjoy hobbies, like video games or making TikTok videos, but underscores the importance to “find your grind”—a skill they can leverage to make a living and find success as an adult. It creates upward mobility with coursework specifically designed for economically and culturally disadvantaged kids that see the world differently and currently aren’t well-served by the standard curriculum in public schools.

Nebraska’s business and charitable community plays a large role in supporting Bay High, including ALLO Communications. ALLO provides free 10G fiber broadband service to Bay High to support the school’s digitally-advanced curriculum. It also works with the school to help get the families of students connected at home through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) for free internet so they can do homework and stay connected off campus.

“This is an awesome partnership. We are changing kids’ lives and that is what is important. Kids who couldn’t sit still in a traditional classrooms can come in here and participate, and not only succeed but thrive,” Moline said.

With the first semester complete, and the first class of seniors preparing for graduation, the school has helped these students develop the skills to find careers directly out of high school or attend college to take these skills further. “There is a great path to college, community college, or to even learn skills to become customer service experts or eventually work on our splicing or install teams,” Moline added.

He further noted that, “ALLO’s purpose is to build, connect, and support gigabit communities and in the end, this is part of the ecosystem that we have to participate in as corporate citizens. But what’s more is, it is a lot of fun to participate and see how these kids learn and thrive.”

To learn more about Bay High and how ALLO is improving communities with fiber broadband, listen to the Fiber for Breakfast podcast here.