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Bluebird Network Bravo NPS Numbers

Communication is the keystone to having a great reputation both in the marketplace and with your customers, according to one service provider who recommends proactively listening and communicating with your team of employees. Bluebird Network lives by this mantra and others, serving an 11-state region with over 11,000 miles of fiber optic network.    

“If you don’t get that right, nothing else works. Secondly, trusting in your team, so you share responsibilities and push those responsibilities as far out as you can. We empower folks throughout the company,” said Michael Morey, President and CEO of Bluebird Network. “I haven’t talked to too many people that love being at a company run by a micromanager.” 

In addition, the ability to recognize and reward initiative and consistency are the other keys to having an effective workforce that delivers successful outcomes for customers and the business. “About the only way to get in trouble in such a culture of empowerment,” said Morey, “is by not taking ownership — not by making a decision and taking responsibility for it.” 

Bluebird practices communicating with consistency by making sure everyone understands what the values and culture are, with everything distilled down to four key points: WOW the customer; own it; adapt creatively; and care deeply. Morey noted that you can find a list of these points and their descriptions on hand in all of Bluebird’s offices to remind employees and each other how they need to operate. 

“We care deeply about our customers, team members, communities, and environment,” said Morey. “We don’t just say these things, we mean it and live it. I have had times when a salesperson, engineer, or an operations person has said to me, ‘Michael, I don’t think we should do that, because it doesn’t follow our company’s values and culture.’ I love it when somebody says that, because then I’ll stop it. We’re not perfect. We make mistakes that didn’t follow these values, but in our company people are quick to point it out. It’s a huge differentiator in the marketplace and I think it’s what leads to our success with our customers.”  

Bluebird’s reward for practicing what they preach is a Net Promoter Score of 70, placing them at the upper echelon of best companies compared to B2B industries such as health care with an industry NPS average of 58, financial services (44), and wholesale (34) . In comparison to B2C companies, Bluebird outshines digital marketing agencies (61), e-commerce (48), pharmacies (28), and telecommunications (-7).  

To learn more about Bluebird Network’s philosophy and how it pays off in home run NPS scores, listen to the latest Fiber For Breakfast podcast.