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2023 Broadband and Video Report: 63% of Rural Americans Bundle Internet and TV

In a recent study commissioned by Innovative Systems and conducted by Pivot, 63% of rural Americans bundle their Internet and TV with the same telecommunications provider.

This benchmarked research has been conducted for the past eight years and received responses from 841 rural US residents. The study gathers information on broadband and video behaviors and is focused exclusively on consumers living in rural zip code markets. Scott Meyer Director of Video and Voice Marketing at Innovative Systems says the focus on rural America with this project is due to the uniqueness of their workplaces, culture, and entertainment preferences in comparison to urban Americans.

Other Highlights from the Report

  • The percentage of streaming households in rural America has not changed significantly over the
    past year, 63% vs 61% in 2022.
  • The average amount spent on a bundled internet and TV service is $121 in comparison to $114
    in 2022.
  • As in the 2022 study, nearly one-third of all respondents said they would prefer a much faster
    internet speed and would be willing to pay for it.
  • The average consumer spend on internet alone is $71 for 2023 compared with $68 in

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