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ETI Unveils Smart B/OSS SM to Help Reduce Network and System Complexity for Broadband Providers

Smart B/OSS Combines Cloud Native Technologies and Artificial Intelligence to Simplify Networks, Deliver Actionable Insights and Enhance Subscriber Experience

ATLANTA, GA, August 10, 2023 — ETI Software Solutions, a leading provider of operations support systems and business support systems (OSS/BSS), announces Smart B/OSS, the world’s first intelligent OSS/BSS platform that utilizes artificial intelligence and cloud native technologies. Smart B/OSS helps broadband providers reduce network and system complexity while generating insightful actionable intelligence to help provide the optimal subscriber experience. Manual processes, inaccurate billing, fragmented data, and limited self-service capabilities often lead to unhappy customers and reduced profitability. With the ETI’s Smart B/OSS, broadband providers can overcome these obstacles and unlock the true potential of their broadband operations.

“Smaller or regional broadband providers face significant challenges when competing against larger ISPs,” said Jeff Fraleigh, President, ETI Software. “To overcome these hurdles, a shift toward customer-centric systems becomes imperative. What’s more, as the industry transitions away from traditional voice and video services, data takes center stage, driving the need for different approaches. Smart B/OSS is a flexible, efficient and scalable solution that uses a platform approach to help providers remain competitive.”

Smart B/OSS, which was developed on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, addresses these challenges by embedding the TM Forum standards, combining ETI’s provisioning and device management engines.  Smart B/OSS bridges the gap between legacy and next-generation networks, ensuring support for existing infrastructure while driving innovation. With accelerated access to AI, analytics, augmented reality, and mobility, broadband providers can improve network efficiency, scalability, and reliability. Zero-touch provisioning, service activation, troubleshooting, and management capabilities empower service providers to streamline their operations and enhance customer experiences.  As a founding member of the Microsoft Telco Accelerator, ETI Software continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and collaboration, empowering the telecommunications industry with cutting-edge solutions.

“Regulatory changes, technology, and market dynamics have transformed the way broadband is deployed, compelling providers to overhaul underlying operational frameworks.   They are seeking innovative avenues to capitalize on existing assets and introduce new services,” said Rhyan Neble, Vice President, Product Innovation, ETI Software.  “Broadband providers are looking for new ways to reduce operating expenses while ensuring an optimal customer experience.  The use of bespoke or in-house systems has led to the creation of silos and increased security risks. To stay ahead of the curve, today’s broadband providers must modernize their operations by adopting agile, efficient, and scalable systems.”

ETI’s Smart B/OSS platform caters to ISPs, telcos, municipalities and wholesale operators, offering lead and opportunity management, billing, inventory, and workforce management features. It completes the order process seamlessly, while its provisioning engine fulfills the order and activates services efficiently.

One example of Smart B/OSS’s capabilities is with managing field service operations.  ETI’s Smart B/OSS incorporates all the data in one single platform making field operations more efficient.  Field operators can resolve cases faster with remote collaboration, use AI-enabled scheduling to choose the right technician at the right time, and remotely detect and proactively resolve issues before customers are aware using Internet of Things (IoT) sensors.

About ETI Software Solutions

ETI Software Solutions is a leading global provider of OSS/BSS software solutions that enable broadband providers to effectively manage and streamline their networks. By reducing network complexity, ETI’s solutions enable broadband providers to deliver optimal customer experiences, helping them attract and retain customers. With more than 30 years of experience, ETI has a track record of providing cutting-edge and dependable software solutions to some of the world’s top broadband providers.