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VCTI Increases Accuracy and Speed of Network Planning with New Capabilities

New service uncovers $2M+ savings for national broadband provider

Somerset, New Jersey – August 16, 2023 VCTI, the broadband and network technology experts, today announced a new set of capabilities that extend the accuracy of the cost-to-build analytics delivered by the company’s Broadband Investment Optimization (BIO) service offering. Among the innovations added to the BIO portfolio is VCTI’s PoleIQ™ automated field assessment tool, which was recently used by one national broadband service provider to accurately assess aerial deployment options and uncover more than $2M in savings for one deployment.

Leveraging AI, PoleIQ geo-locates and delivers a high level assessment of the health and integrity of each utility pole on the proposed network, including the possibility of space and location for installation of new wiring. The outputs enable Service Providers to quickly identify and quantify route possibilities, enhancing presales activity, focusing permitting and detailed inspection resources on only the routes with the highest viability for aerial. The data enables construction partners to accelerate their tasks, potentially eliminating weeks, if not months, of the plan to design a construction process, at a fraction of the cost.

VCTI has also added more robust and granular soil analysis, modeling data down to the census block level, so service providers and their construction partners are well-prepared for eventual digging and can plan their broadband expansion business case effectively and accurately.

“Our service provider partners need to move at warp speed to deliver the broadband services that consumers want and deserve. In an environment currently driven both by grants and intense competition, building bullet-proof business cases for every potential network expansion project is critical,” said Raj Singh, CEO of VCTI. “Our ability to leverage big data, AI, and our sophisticated analytics to provide very accurate plans and costs at a granular level is not only allowing service providers to develop successful expansion strategies, focusing on and prioritizing resources for the best opportunities. This saves them time and money and enables faster revenue and EBITDA growth.”

PoleIQ in Action

A national broadband services provider came to VCTI for help in planning a new network build-out in the southwest. The new service would bring broadband to more than 7,000 underserved homes. In the early stages of planning the broadband expansion, the service provider estimated that 90 percent of the deployment could be done aerially, with only 10 percent of the infrastructure deployed via fiber in the ground. The construction partner believed the opposite was true – or 90 percent fiber vs. 10 percent aerial.

Leveraging PoleIQ, VCTI was able to determine that the true number was 28 percent viable for aerial deployment. Given the size and geography of the deployment, it would have taken a team of two people more than 70 days to physically inspect the entire route. Using PoleIQ, VCTI could save the service provider more than four weeks’ worth of man-hours and more than $100,000 in physical inspection costs. In addition, the new data on aerial deployments enabled more than $2M in deployment cost savings.

Broadband Investment Optimization Service 

VCTI’s Broadband Investment Optimization Service identifies the viable technology options with economic analysis in targeted areas to help service providers prioritize infrastructure investment and strengthen collaboration with local governments for public/private partnerships. VCTI determines underserved and serviceable households and communities in targeted expansion areas within or tangential to the provider’s current footprint using machine learning technology, highly accurate location data, mapping services, and infrastructure information. Once the targeted areas are determined, the service identifies all the technological options available. VCTI’s sophisticated design algorithms rapidly design wireline, wireless or hybrid networks to optimize the number of households and businesses the provider can reach with each investment. Targeted areas for expansion, available technology options, and economic analysis are identified to help service providers make long-term investment decisions.

About VCTI

VCTI is a world-class leader in broadband and network technology. The Company offers software solutions and managed services to enable broadband service providers to optimize investments for network evolution, simplify operations, and strengthen their path to digital transformation. VCTI also provides expert technical resources to help technology companies develop complex networked and cloud products. A trusted partner to the most respected and innovative broadband service providers and technology companies globally, VCTI is a privately held, global company headquartered in the US with offices in India. Learn more at