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AEX | Automation Exchange Announces New Comprehensive Managed Services Offering

Adding to AEX’s Tested and Proven Integrated OSS/BSS Platform and Providing Everything a Network Operator Needs to Scale Rapidly

(Orlando, FL … August 21, 2023) AEX | Automation Exchange, the first and only OSS/BSS software platform built by network operators for network operators, today announced the addition of a new comprehensive managed services offering, providing all the technology and infrastructure a fiber operator needs to deploy and support broadband networks and connect customers in record time. These managed services include a 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC), equipment supply, installation and commissioning, technical support, virtual internet service provider and service desk. With 500,000 active subscribers managed across more than 500 PoPs, AEX has a proven track record of helping networks scale rapidly.

“AEX offers network operators unparalleled scalability,” said Greg McLaughlin, CEO of AEX | Automation Exchange. “Through our comprehensive managed services and tested and proven integrated OSS/BSS software, AEX’s complete solution enables operators to efficiently plan, build, maximize, operate and support both greenfield and brownfield networks with remarkable speed.”

Automation Exchange offers a comprehensive range of equipment required for Passive Optical Network (PON) deployment, including Optical Line Terminals (OLTs), Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) and WiFi Extenders enhancing users in-home wireless internet experience. AEX can also supply street furniture housing equipment throughout the distribution network.

“Our customer-focused, certified technical experts ensure each client’s network remains secure, up-to-date and optimized, covering everything from day-to-day operations to long-term strategies,” said John McLauchlin, Vice President of Implementation, AEX | Automation Exchange. “Our tiered support structure provides efficient escalation, granting appropriate access enabling our trained professionals to deliver a superior customer experience.”

AEX | Automation Exchange’s service includes:

  • Network Design
    • Developing a comprehensive network architecture for optimal performance
  • Equipment Design & Bills of Materials (vendor-agnostic)
    • Designing equipment setups regardless of vendor, ensuring flexibility and compatibility
  • Partnership with Industry Leaders
    • Collaborating with Nokia, Zhone, Juniper & other respected partners
  • End-to-End Solution from Customer ONT to the Internet Breakout Point
    • Providing a complete solution from Customer ONT to the Internet Breakout Point
  • Integrated Systems
    • Implementing an integrated solution with tools like Halo ITSM, PRTG Monitoring, and more
  • Equipment Installation, Configuration, & Commissioning
    • Handling installation, setup, and activation of network equipment
  • Deployment of Network Management System
    • Implementing a robust network management system for efficient control
  • 24/7/365 Network Monitoring Command Center
    • Operating a NOC for constant monitoring and quick response to network issues
  • Comprehensive Network View
    • Providing a unified, single pane of glass view of the entire network infrastructure for informed decision-making
  • Tier-2 and Tier-3 Technical Support
    • Offering advanced technical assistance for complex issues
  • Multi-purpose Helpdesk
    • Managing sales leads, billing, and other queries to streamline customer interactions
  • Sophisticated Ticketing System
    • Utilizing advanced systems for efficient fault and service request tracking
  • Customizable Hosting Services
    • Tailored range of services from cabinet hosting to wholesale hosting, meeting diverse needs

AEX also offers more than network support. With Technical Helpdesk Services, it directly supports operator customers, acting as the single point for all network queries and technical issues. The Virtual ISP (vISP) solution streamlines managing internet businesses, offering functions like Broadband Network Gateway (BNG), IP addresses, IP Breakout, and dedicated support. Integration with AEX’s OSS/BSS platform simplifies onboarding and rapid deployment, providing a turnkey solution so network operators can focus on sales and customer acquisition.

About AEX | Automation Exchange 

AEX | Automation Exchange is the first and only OSS/BSS software platform and managed services built by network operators, for network operators, enabling easy management and monitoring of both Open and Closed Access networks. AEX’s unified view of the network automates workflows through templatized and customizable processes, making it vendor-agnostic, zero-touch, future-proof and rapidly scalable. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, AEX deploys quickly as a zero-investment risk, Tier 1 solution for smaller networks—free from implementation, set-up, or licensing fees. For more information, visit