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Atlas Digital Group Announces Key Milestones

Broadband digital commerce solutions provider Atlas Digital Group announced today that the company’s CORE omnichannel sales platform has achieved several crucial milestones including:

  • Adopted by 18 regional broadband operators, thus helping operators provide fiber access to communities that were previously underserved across the United States. 
  • 3.6 million sessions on the platform, meaning that CORE is being adopted actively. 
  • 230,000 transactions, meaning that CORE is converting sales for each broadband operator.

Built specifically for the broadband industry, Atlas CORE delivers results by pairing a highly nimble cloud-based platform with robust analytics for service providers to quickly adapt and optimize sales. With a short implementation window of six-to-eight weeks, clients can begin realizing the benefits of customer-first sales experiences and 3x-5x improvements in sales yield almost immediately. According to Atlas CEO Mark Mihalevich, interest in CORE has skyrocketed because the product continuously evolves to exceed clients’ expectations. Atlas has:

  • Achieved an NPS score of 90, which is exceptional. That’s because Atlas implements CORE to deliver ROI in weeks. For example, Atlas collaborated with Point Broadband to implement Atlas CORE in just eight weeks to accelerate sales and improve customer experience without disrupting operations during an explosive period of growth. As a result, Point Broadband is enjoying record sales and is positioned for additional success.
  • Made important enhancements to the CORE product. For example, CORE is more frequently being deployed across multiple sales channels to take advantage of omnichannel capabilities. With operators like Vexus Fiber, CORE enables sales within their digital and field sales channels. For door-to-door agents, CORE is an effective tool to navigate sales conversations, capture the order and even flow that order to downstream processes in an automated fashion. As a result, sales agent productivity is improved, and teams can manage performance with robust data and cross-channel analytics sharing.

Our clients are choosing us because of both our CORE platform and our people,” Mihalevich said. “We work closely with our clients to drive performance and develop strategies to achieve their growth objectives.  We’re only beginning to scratch the surface of our potential to power the growth of the broadband industry.”

  1. Schelstrate, chief revenue officer, Atlas Digital Group, said, “CORE brings innovative technology and capabilities to parts of the industry that were historically left behind. The days of only the largest operators having the most robust capabilities are over.  We proudly support rural broadband expansion and have a much needed solution for operators of all sizes to scale and supercharge their growth.”

The milestones are occurring as Atlas Digital Group enjoys rapid growth. Recently, Atlas secured $2 million in a second round of funding led by Cultivation Capital. First-round investors Cequel III, telecommunications industry leaders Tom McMillin, Gregg Graff and others participated again in this round, with the addition of industry veterans Terry Cordova, Andy Parrott and Justin Freesmeier.

The funding is being used to scale the company’s operations, continuing the successful model developed following the first funding round in 2021. 

According to Mihalevich, “We have all the pieces in place to grow, and our clients have confirmed we are doing the right things to help broadband providers service more communities throughout the United States.”

“The broadband industry is at an inflexion point,” Mihalevich said. “Operators are expanding to underserved communities and doubling down on their service to existing customers. Atlas Digital Group is well positioned to help by giving operators of all sizes the tools for sales success. CORE makes it as easy for operators to acquire customers as the world’s best retail sites do.”

About Atlas Digital Group

Atlas Digital Group is a digital commerce company with a focus on the broadband Internet industry.  Led by industry veterans, its CORE platform provides operators a purpose-built and fully managed omnichannel sales solution that enables innovation at speed and scale to quickly transform sales channel performance into high-performing subscriber growth channels. For more information visit