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Render Launches Render Insights, A Revolutionary Data And Analytics Platform For Network Operators And Builders

ORLANDO, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Global leader in geospatial network construction technology, Render Networks, today unveiled its new real-time data and analytics platform, Render Insights. Leveraging rich, geospatial data and interactive visualizations, network operators and builders now have access to personalized, actionable insights at their fingertips to make faster, more informed decisions and keep projects on track.

The successful and efficient delivery of today’s infrastructure is reliant on multiple stakeholders having the right information at the right time – then acting on insights quickly and effectively. With Render’s industry-leading construction management solution, each stakeholder is looking at the same real-time geospatial data source. With Render Insights, they now share a single view of performance insights and reporting to improve collaboration and enable analysis across multiple projects and contractors.

Render Insights integrates data from construction to operations and all connected business-critical systems to deliver a real-time, multi-project view of performance to all stakeholders, across all levels of the organization. Identify contractor or crew performance trends, completion timelines or labor and material utilization to assess project risk and proactively keep teams moving.

“Render has redefined the role of geospatial data to drive more efficient, higher quality network deployments. With the confidence of accurate, real-time data and in-platform analytics enabled by Render Insights, network operators and builders can now harness the power of that data to inform all stakeholders, make better decisions faster and ultimately improve deployment outcomes,” said Sam Pratt, CEO at Render Networks.

“Render Insights delivers a new level of intelligence that is at the fingertips of everyone from field teams to C-level executives from day 1. The product of significant investment in real-time data infrastructure and a proprietary analytics engine, Render customers now have access to world-class analytics that showcases the unique depth and quality of Render’s data and enables communities to get connected faster. We could not be more excited to launch this next-generation capability for the benefit of our customers and the industry here at Fiber Connect 2023.”

Render will demonstrate Render Insights at Fiber Connect 2023 this week, please stop by booth 105 or contact For more information about Render Insights, visit

About Render Networks

Founded in 2013 with a mission to build networks better, Render has a successful history of streamlining large-scale network construction for network operators and construction teams. Through the automation of manual tasks and improved utilization of resources, Render’s end-to-end geospatial network construction platform eliminates all paper-based processes, achieving real-time progress transparency and generating time and cost efficiencies of 30% while improving visibility and control across global telco infrastructure rollouts. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn and X.