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A Look into the Near Future of Computer Rooms

A Look into the Near Future of Computer Rooms

The specialist magazine CONNECTIONS No. 65 from R&M shows how the consequences of digitalization are increasingly impacting the infrastructures of data centers. 

R&M, the globally active Swiss developer and provider of high-end infrastructure solutions for data and communications networks, is taking data center providers on a journey through time. In the latest issue of the R&M specialist magazine CONNECTIONS, they can learn a lot about the near future of their computer rooms. The cover story describes how digitalization projects increasingly impact the entire infrastructure of data centers. Carsten Ludwig, R&M Market Manager Data Center, reveals little-noticed interactions between the compute and non-compute worlds.

CTO Robert Merki focuses on a crucial aspect: the energy-intensive cooling of data centers. He talks about the pros and cons of liquid cooling systems. In addition, numerous product managers present new solutions and describe, among other things, how data centers can maintain control of the vital signs of computer rooms, compress cabling even further, and implement modular housing systems.

New potential for the LAN

In addition to focusing on data centers, current technological issues surrounding local data networks are discussed. Matthias Gerber, Market Manager LAN Cabling, provides information about hidden risk factors when using Power over Ethernet (PoE). He explains how transmission distances in the LAN can be extended with the Single Pair Ethernet system from R&M. He also reveals how building networks can reach new speed dimensions with Cat. 8.1 technology.

R&M is continuously working on other solutions and programs to contribute considerably to the economical use of raw materials in line with the company’s sustainability goals. Environment-friendly, multifunctional packaging is currently being developed, for example, and is another subject addressed in the latest specialist magazine CONNECTIONS No. 65. The magazine is available either as a print or a digital version.

About R&M

R&M (Reichle & De-Massari AG) is a globally active corporate group in the information and communication technology market, based in Wetzikon, Switzerland. The company develops, manufactures, and sells infrastructure solutions for communication and data networks. Thanks to its innovative strength and integration capability, R&M covers the entire range of copper and fiber-based connectivity. R&M solutions can be used in LAN, telecommunication, Fiber to the Home, Fiber to the Antenna, and data centers. Software from R&M supports the management of network infrastructures. The family company founded in 1964 has its own manufacturing facilities in 14 locations worldwide. Sustainability is a central element of R&M’s strategy and values.