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Fiber Broadband Cleans Up Well

RVA’s latest market research is out, and the results show consistent desirability for high-quality internet. Reliable high-speed fiber broadband continues to gain momentum among other alternatives and is one of the most sought-after features in households and rentals. The firm has conducted an annual consumer survey since 2007, one of the longest running in the industry.
Consumer interest in broadband increased from 60% in 2019 when tracking started to 75% today. “People just see broadband or high-quality internet as extremely important in their lives and increasing over time,” stated Mike Render, CEO & Principal Analyst, RVA LLC Market Research and Consulting. “Contrary to some opinions, we’re certainly not done with what internet and broadband can do.”
Individuals value high-speed broadband for numerous reasons, with access to medical care (71%), independent living for seniors (70%), and home safety (69%) among the highest cited, with more exotic applications, such as being able to inhabit and socialize with a remote Avatar-esque robot, listed by more than a third of the respondents surveyed.

Only one feature trumped broadband, abet barely: clean clothes. Among the most desired single-family home amenities, having a laundry room came in at 69% as compared to 65% for very high speed/reliable broadband. “It beats hardwood floors and a great kitchen, granite countertops and all those things,” said Render.  

The results were almost the same for the most desired MDU home amenities, with an in-unit washer/dryer at the top of the list (59%), while broadband came in second again, this time with 52% responding. “More important than good parking, soundproof walls, storage space,” stated Render. “It is just very important to people’s lives today.” 

Fiber has had a 15% upward gain in share among those changing providers over the last two years, gaining ground compared to DSL (loss of 3.3%), satellite (5.5% loss) and cable modem (loss of over 14%). Fiber availability has added 3.2% to the value of an MDU or condo, 4.9% value to a single-family home, and nearly 13% to an apartment rental. 

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