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Adtran Launches Wi-Fi 6, 6E and 7 Mesh Routers for Optimized In-Home Connectivity

Adtran Launches Wi-Fi 6, 6E and 7 Mesh Routers for Optimized In-Home Connectivity

News summary:

  • Operators need gateways that can deliver premium multigigabit services to households
  • New SDG 8600 and 8700 Series with next-gen ARM processors offer up to 10G line rates, support 250+ devices and reduce power consumption
  • Compact, powerful devices enable operators to deliver superior Wi-Fi experiences with end-to-end network visibility and AI-driven insights

Huntsville, Alabama, USA. October 24, 2023. Adtran today launched its next-generation Wi-Fi 6, 6E and 7 service delivery gateways (SDGs) for optimized in-home connectivity, the SDG 8600 and 8700 Series. Specifically designed as a revenue-generating vehicle for operators, the energy-efficient mesh routers combine a compact footprint with a processor twice as powerful as previous models, supporting over 250 devices simultaneously. With their ability to cater to diverse market segments, from low-cost broadband to premium multigigabit offerings, they effectively address the connectivity needs of households, multi-dwelling units and businesses. Ensuring lag-free cloud gaming, smooth 4K streaming and efficient remote working, the SDG 8600 and 8700 Series will help dramatically improve the in-home Wi-Fi experience.

“As market demands transition towards multigigabit services, seamless and robust Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly vital. With our SDG 8600 and 8700 Series, we’re taking speed to the next level and delivering a superior Wi-Fi experience, all while ensuring homeowners enjoy a streamlined and unobtrusive setup free from unsightly network equipment. This means Wi-Fi devices can be placed prominently, resulting in no more dead spots and no more dropped signals. So whether you’re streaming, gaming or on an important video call, you can be sure of uninterrupted connectivity throughout the home,” said Eric Presworsky, GM of residential solutions at Adtran. “For operators, our new SDGs offer a unique opportunity. Not only can they provide an unbeatable Wi-Fi experience, but they also unlock new avenues for revenue generation with differentiated services and applications, from IoT security to parental controls. This translates to increased customer loyalty and a concrete path to business growth.”

The SDG 8600 and 8700 Series underscore Adtran’s dedication to superior in-home Wi-Fi and environmental responsibility. Featuring at least 4×4 radios across all bands, they ensure households are ready for current and future wireless demands. They provide consistent multigigabit service rates, achieving up to 10Gbits/s across both wireless and wired connections. Certain models also feature 10G LAN and WAN interfaces, addressing the needs of those seeking top-tier connectivity solutions. With next-generation ARM processors, the SDG 8600 and 8700 Series can handle more than 250 devices, providing comprehensive reach and robust signal quality.

The USB-C-powered gateways are 60% more compact than comparable carrier-grade mesh Wi-Fi systems, requiring less packaging and making them more efficient to ship. They also use intelligent power-scaling technology to reduce power consumption by up to 80% during off-peak times. What’s more, the SDG 8600 and 8700 Series support both Adtran’s Intellifi® and Plume’s OpenSync managed Wi-Fi platforms, enabling operators to deliver a seamless Wi-Fi environment and unlock in-home opportunities.

“Operators face a dual challenge: meeting the skyrocketing data demands of households while also maximizing their operational and revenue potential. Our SDG 8600 and 8700 Series are the answer. These devices offer the tools necessary to consistently deliver robust Wi-Fi services, and their capabilities pave the way for new revenue-generating opportunities, including gaming modes, application prioritization and more,” commented Christoph Glingener, CTO of Adtran. “One highlight of our new SDGs is the integration of advanced 4×4 streams across all bands, which increases bandwidth and broadens coverage. Another is the synergy between the devices and our Intellifi® management software. This combination creates an optimized mesh Wi-Fi landscape that responds to the evolving demands of households while also offering the visibility operators need to stay one step ahead.”             

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