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gaiia Introduces Innovative Properties Module to Streamline MDU Connectivity

gaiia Introduces Innovative Properties Module to Streamline MDU Connectivity

gaiia, a leading provider of OSS/BSS solutions for the telecommunications industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of its groundbreaking Properties Module. Designed to streamline the management of Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) properties, this innovative module promises to simplify connectivity operations, enhance billing efficiency, and provide unprecedented flexibility to Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

The Properties Module – Tailored for MDUs
gaiia’s Properties Module is a game-changer for ISPs that serve MDUs. With support for Bulk, Retail, and Hybrid MDU relationships, ISPs can now effortlessly tailor their services to different MDU scenarios, whether dealing with bulk service agreements, individual retail customers, or a blend of both. This unprecedented flexibility allows ISPs to offer customized services that precisely meet the needs of each MDU.

MDU Billing Logic – Unparalleled Precision
One of the module’s key highlights is its specialized billing logic designed explicitly for MDUs. It empowers ISPs to split billing between property owners and tenants, either by a percentage or dollar amount. This innovative billing solution enhances transparency and fairness in MDU billing processes, ensuring both property owners and tenants enjoy accurate charges.

Structured Building & Unit Management
With gaiia’s properties module, you have the ability to structure units within properties, and properties within groups. This intuitive structure ensures a clean and easy-to-understand relationship management for all technicians and customer service representatives. This structured approach ensures that MDU operations remain organized and efficient.

Efficient Onboarding with Pre-listing of Units
The properties module offers the capability to pre-list all units within an MDU property, converting them into serviceable addresses that can then be selected in the online customer checkout. This functionality simplifies the onboarding process, and ensures ISPs can efficiently expand their services within MDU properties. The result is faster deployment and a more streamlined experience for property owners and tenants alike.

Tenant Onboarding with the White-Labeled Checkout
To further enhance the tenant experience, we’ve added the flexibility to our online checkout flow to provide a customized user experience based on the inputted address. For example, if the customer enters an address from a bulk managed MDU, the ISP can simply provide the new tenant with their wifi name and password. In situations where ISPs manage billing with each individual tenant, new tenants can be shown service plans available in their building, installation booking availabilities, as well as a secure payment platform to input their credit card and kickstart billing. This streamlined process enables tenants to easily sign up for services, upgrade their plans, and gain access to their personalized client portal with ease.

A Bright Future for MDU Connectivity
With the launch of the Properties Module, gaiia is empowering ISPs to unlock new possibilities within the MDU market. This innovative solution promises to enhance operational efficiency, streamline billing processes, and provide unprecedented flexibility in serving MDU properties.

“Our Properties Module is a testament to our commitment to simplifying and optimizing ISP operations. We believe that this module will not only drive efficiency for ISPs but also elevate the tenant experience within MDU properties. It’s a win-win for all parties involved.”

– Marc-Andre Campagna, CEO and Co-founder of gaiia.

Explore the depths of properties with our very own head of telecom, Francis Careau.

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About gaiia
gaiia is a leading provider of comprehensive OSS/BSS solutions for the telecommunications industry. Founded in 2023, gaiia has quickly become a trusted partner for ISPs, offering innovative platforms designed to simplify operations, enhance billing, and streamline connectivity management. With a focus on empowering ISPs and enriching the customer experience, gaiia is on a mission to transform the telecom landscape.

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