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Georgia Muni Consortium Converting 8000 Subscribers to Video Streaming

Georgia Muni Consortium Converting 8000 Subscribers to Video Streaming

Thomasville, GA – The CNSNext consortium of four municipal broadband service providers in South Georgia will be converting their approximately eight thousand video customers to the MG-TV Streaming service from Innovative Systems.

The four cities that comprise the group are Thomasville, Cairo, Moultrie, and Camilla which are all located in South Georgia about an hour away from the Tallahassee Florida metro area. According to Hannah Moore CEO at CNSNext, the decision to stay committed to the video business was based on demographics and offering multiple services to take full advantage of their broadband pipe. She says that the customers they serve have a desire for bundled services, and getting out of video was not worth the risk.

Streaming Video Gameplan

The deployment plan is to convert all their customers from a legacy cable system to a full-channel lineup using HLS live streaming over their managed network. Moore stresses their commitment to all demographics in the consortium communities by giving them the choice of using consumer videodevices or the IS-5045W6 for those wanting a traditional experience with a full-size remote control.

About CNSNext

In 1997, the Cities of Cairo, Camilla, Moultrie, and Thomasville joined forces in order to better serve the citizens of each community. This multi-city partnership, titled the South Georgia Governmental Services Authority (SGGSA), enabled CNS to further expand its services to communities that needed high-speed Internet, television, and telecommunications services, and, in 2001, these services were provided to all SGGSA cities. Visit their website.

About Innovative Systems

Innovative Systems is a leading vendor of solutions for North American communications and utility providers with over eight hundred deployed systems. eLation™, our BSS/OSS solution, includes integrated billing, provisioning, mobile apps, financials, and mapping. MG-TV is our one-platform approach to video solutions such as Middleware, VOD, Cloud DVR, Restart TV, HLS Live Streaming, Conditional Access, and set-top boxes. The APMAX™ platform provides enhanced voice and hosted business solutions. The Innovative Systems Print Division is a full-service printing company specializing in print services for the telecommunications and utilities industries. For more information, visit,

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