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GoNetspeed to Soon Power Ludlow with 100% Fiber Internet Network, Construction Kicks Off

GoNetspeed to Soon Power Ludlow with 100% Fiber Internet Network, Construction Kicks Off

LUDLOW, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GoNetspeed today announced that the Town of Ludlow will soon have access to 100% fiber internet with construction having officially begun. GoNetspeed plans to fully fund a $4.8 million investment in Ludlow which will provide more than 4,800 residents and businesses with access to symmetrical upload and download speeds, allowing customers to upload just as fast as they can download.

“Communities throughout the Commonwealth have longtime needed quality provider option,” said Marc Strange, Town Administrator. “With access to a 100% fiber internet provider like GoNetspeed, Ludlow will be equipped with an infrastructure that will support our forward-looking goals as we strive to improve life online for our residents.”

Construction of the high-speed fiber optic infrastructure has officially begun in multiple areas throughout Ludlow, including the area surrounding Howard Street and near Cady Street. As construction continues, it will expand throughout the Ludlow in the coming months. GoNetspeed expects the first customers to be eligible for service installation by early 2024. Those interested may visit to sign up for priority installation once service is available and to receive updates as construction progresses.

“We have set out on a mission to expand access to fiber internet to communities throughout Central and Western Massachusetts that lack quality access to high-speed internet,” said Richard Clark, GoNetspeed President and CEO. “By equipping Ludlow with access to 100% fiber internet, we are able to ensure that its residents and businesses have access to service that will propel the community forward, promoting their growth and economic development.”

GoNetspeed is continuing to ensure that more communities throughout Massachusetts have access to a high-speed 100% fiber internet infrastructure. Many other communities throughout the state are well on their way to having access to GoNetspeed’s fiber internet.

With a legacy of innovation and a commitment to customer service, GoNetspeed is excited to accelerate the expansion of fiber networks throughout nine states, including Massachusetts. GoNetspeed continues to deliver more fiber, more access, more speed, and better reliability to residents and businesses throughout our footprint. With access to 100% fiber internet, customers have access to symmetrical upload and download speeds, ranging from 300 Mbps to 2 gigabits. Learn more about GoNetspeed at

About GoNetspeed:
GoNetspeed, a high-speed fiber internet provider serving residential and business customers in Maine, Alabama, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and West Virginia, formed a partnership with Oak Hill Capital (“Oak Hill”) in January 2021, allowing GoNetspeed to accelerate the expansion of its fiber network throughout the Northeastern U.S. Adding thousands of new service areas every year, GoNetspeed is one of the largest independent internet providers in the east. For more information about GoNetspeed, or to inquire about service in your residence, business or community, visit

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