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Preseem Launches New Features for Fiber and Hybrid ISPs

Preseem Launches New Features for Fiber and Hybrid ISPs

Waterloo, Ont. tech firm launches new features for fiber and hybrid ISPs to manage their subscribers across access technologies and hardware vendors.

WATERLOO, ONFeb. 22, 2024 — Preseem is happy to announce the launch of new features that help fiber and hybrid internet service providers (ISPs) manage their subscribers across access technologies and hardware vendors.

Hybrid ISPs provide services via a mix of access technologies, such as fiber and fixed wireless.

Preseem’s new features allow hybrid operators to seamlessly access all of their operational data in one place, saving staff members from having to log into multiple systems for each access technology and vendor.

This helps to improve the efficiency of their support and network operations teams, reduce staff training costs, and increase the ability to introduce new vendor equipment without costly integration work.

Since its launch in 2017, Preseem has built a large worldwide customer base consisting of hundreds of regional ISPs, most of whom provide high-speed internet service to rural and underserved areas via fixed wireless access (FWA) networks.

Increasingly, however, fixed wireless providers are adding fiber to their networks as they continue to be at the forefront of their communities’ internet needs, meet new challenges from major telcos in the FWA space, and participate in government funding initiatives.

“We are delighted to deliver these new features for fiber and hybrid operators,” said Dan Siemon, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Preseem. “For years, our award-winning technology has helped fixed wireless operators understand and proactively improve the subscriber experience. We’re thrilled to now offer the same level of insightful data and metrics to regional ISPs running multi-vendor fiber and hybrid networks.”

For more information on Preseem’s new fiber features, please visit their website.

About Preseem
Preseem is a cloud-based quality of experience (QoE) platform that helps regional fixed wireless and fiber operators optimize their network health across subscribers, access technologies, and vendors. Voted 2023 WISPA Service of the Year, Preseem provides data-powered tools that reduce costs, boost efficiency, and benefit every team at an ISP.

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