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Clearfield Develops Industry’s First 3D Interactive Fiber Installation Tool 

Clearfield Develops Industry’s First 3D Interactive Fiber Installation Tool 

Developed in collaboration with BILT, Clearfield ensures higher-quality field installations

MINNEAPOLIS – March 5, 2024Clearfield, Inc. (NASDAQ:CLFD), the leader in community broadband fiber connectivity, today announced the availability of 3D interactive instructions for Clearfield® products delivered via the BILT® mobile app that provides installers an easy way to streamline the installation process available at no extra charge. The animated guides were developed in response to the Clearfield customer base, and will help reduce installation errors, time, and field issues by ensuring fiber technicians have access to the information they need right at their fingertips.

“This training tool is exactly what the technicians are in need of, something they can interact with to provide step-by-step instruction, without the need to read a manual or watch YouTube videos over a small device,” said KnightCom Fiber Solutions Project Manager Caleb Gutting. “This is how the younger generation and new hires can learn how to install Clearfield products correctly so that we can move quickly from deployment to service availability.”

Fiber technicians are expected to complete up to four installations a day, a pace likely to increase as NTIA BEAD funds begin to flow. The BILT app delivers detailed, visual guidance for Clearfield products that enable installers to be more productive and efficient. Customers can initially use the BILT app to install Clearfield’s YOURx® and SeeChange® terminals, Clearview® Cassettes, PON Cabinets, and Home Deployment Kits with plans to ultimately integrate the remaining product lines.

“Today’s workforce is more tech-savvy and digitally oriented, so creating an install tool that aligns with the way they want to learn and consume information makes perfect sense,” said Clearfield’s Director of Technical Training and Support, Kelly Weissmann. “We are excited to be the first telecommunication equipment manufacturer to bring the BILT app to our market and believe it will have an immediate impact on our customers’ ability to improve installation time and quality.”

The availability of Clearfield instructions in the BILT app is part of the company’s commitment to improve workforce development practices and tools. As the industry works to increase the fiber technician workforce, this 3D Interactive based tool makes it easier to onboard and attract the newer generation of technicians.

Both voice and text guidance for Clearfield products are immediately available in English, Spanish, and German, with plans to add other languages. Customers can download the BILT app worldwide from the App Store or Google Play.


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