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‘Harry’ is the New Name of Harrison Edwards

‘Harry’ is the New Name of Harrison Edwards

Agency Makes Major Pivot to Where Broadband Marketing is Headed, Modernizing and Fully Integrating Marketing, PR, Digital, Design, AI, and VR Offerings


(White Plains, NY)….. At a packed launch party attended by 100 influential broadband, business, nonprofit, and political leaders, the public relations firm known for more than 35 years as Harrison Edwards, became “Harry,” an integrated marketing agency. Company officials said the name change reflects the rapidly evolving way the broadband industry communicates with consumers and each other more visually, and how marketing, public relations, design, and digital work together with a singular purpose of advancing client ideas and interests.

“Harry is where marketing is headed both now and, in the future,” said Bob Knight, CEO of Harry. “For visionary broadband leaders who aren’t satisfied with the status quo, Harry is the only team of marketing and communications experts that sees the big picture, at a time when influence is everything,” said Knight.

“Harry represents a fun, energetic, and innovative approach to marketing that’s not only strategic, but also effective,” noted Lisa Buchman, Chief Communications Officer of Harry. “The thoughtful and influential individuals who’ve helped us build the new Harry are ready to bring the next generation of marketing services to key sectors like broadband, government, suppliers, and technology,” she added.

Harry has invested in building up its design and digital capabilities to equal its historically market-leading public relations brand. Because people now communicate visually, everything Harry touches will include thoughtful ideas, clever messaging, eye-catching design, a strategic digital application, and potential enhancements with artificial intelligence and virtual reality to maximize message effectiveness.

“The broadband industry wants a new generation of influence. Our community deserves a true integrated marketing partner with innovative ideas that drive business forward. The market craves more, and Harry is delivering it with an energetic and nimble team that’s ready to deliver,” said Knight.

Julia Emrick, Harry’s Chief Operating Officer, added: “Harry is bigger than just one or two people. It’s a collaboration of influential marketing professionals with many strengths. What we’re doing at Harry will have a much greater impact on our clients’ bottom line. I’m enormously optimistic about Harry’s future as a continued leader in the broadband space and beyond.”

“The name ‘Harry’ is a nod to our decades-long history in the marketplace as Harrison Edwards. We’ve always stood for excellence in communications and now as Harry, we’re here to deliver dynamic, omnichannel, thoughtful campaigns for entities ready to move beyond the status quo,” explained Jennifer Galluzzo, Harry’s Vice President of Digital Strategy.

Companies and individuals seeking to learn more about Harry and its capabilities can find Harry at its new online home:


Harry is an integrated marketing agency based in Armonk, New York. Formerly known as Harrison Edwards, Harry is the first marketing agency the U.S. broadband industry to integrate communications, design, digital, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality to deliver thoughtful and innovative marketing campaigns for its clients. More at

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