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Ripple Fiber Announces the Launch of the Green Team in Honor of Earth Day

Ripple Fiber Announces the Launch of the Green Team in Honor of Earth Day

Fiber internet provider enhances customer experience with initiative dedicated to next-level landscaping

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (April 22, 2024) – In honor of Earth Day, Ripple Fiber, a fiber optic internet provider based in the Southeast, announces the launch of its team of dedicated landscape experts. Known as the Green Team, these individuals are responsible for post-construction restoration and the resolution of general landscaping needs. Wednesday, May 1 will mark the kickoff of this new initiative.

“Created as a liaison between our Customer Experience and Construction departments, the Green Team is deployed for any yard that requires extra attention,” says Greg Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of Ripple Fiber. “Ripple Fiber always wants homeowners to feel like they can rely on our team to restore their yard to its former state or better, with no exceptions.”

Once in the post-construction phase, Ripple Fiber’s Land Restoration Team surveys all affected properties to determine if escalation is required. Complex landscaping needs, such as plant and shrub replacement, mulching and ground cover restoration, hardscape repair, and sprinkler repair, are identified. The Green Team is then alerted to address each issue. Upon completion of all restoration efforts, homeowners are contacted to confirm satisfaction.

“We are constantly evaluating the customer experience to ensure that we are exceeding expectations and proving ourselves as a community-first provider,” adds Peter Meintjes, Chief Experience Officer of Ripple Fiber. “When we build in any municipality, part of our job is to give residents an exceptional experience, whether they are customers or not. Providing this service allows us to take that mission to the next level.”

Ripple Fiber provides thousands of homes with lightning-fast connectivity through the utilization of its fiber optic network and patented software. Its team is dedicated to expanding access and constructing strong infrastructures in communities nationwide. Embracing optimism and recognizing the importance of digital equity, Ripple Fiber strives to empower its customers by equipping them with the necessary tools to build a bright future.

Those who would like to learn more about Ripple Fiber’s offerings, confirm availability in their area, or express interest in service can visit and follow along on social media (@ripplefiber) for updates.


Ripple Fiber is the brightest and fastest fiber internet company based in the Southeast, providing thousands of homes with lightning-fast internet connectivity via its powerful fiber optic network and patented software. With community at the forefront of its mission, Ripple Fiber strives to expand digital access for people across the nation. This approach empowers generations to create the futures they want and deserve. Ripple Fiber believes the biggest wave starts as a ripple. Learn more about Ripple Fiber at