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CHR Solutions Announces New Managed Service Offering for Communication Service Providers to Enhance Network Design and Planning

CHR Solutions Announces New Managed Service Offering for Communication Service Providers to Enhance Network Design and Planning

Enables CSPs to Scale Services Faster and More Efficiently by Providing Actionable Intelligence

Woodland Hills, TX, May 7, 2024 – CHR Solutions, the experienced leader in providing services and solutions to help communication service providers (CSPs) achieve operational efficiency and revenue growth, announced today a new managed service that enables CSPs to design, plan, and operationalize their broadband networks more efficiently.  The new service provides complete transparency and visibility into broadband network data to help CSPs get accurate, timely reports and forecasting, gain actionable insights with real-time data and optimize substantial operational enhancements to increase speed to market and monetization.

“This is a leap forward and a real game changer for the industry,” said Arun Pasrija, President and CEO, CHR Solutions. “By leveraging our comprehensive suite of tools and expertise, CSPs can expect not only to expedite their builds but also to achieve a level of insight and efficiency that sets new industry standards.”  He added that his company has spent the last few years perfecting this managed service because CHR is committed to helping CSPs achieve their goal of delivering fast and reliable service.

According to Pasrija, this new service enhances the ability of CSPs to connect new areas, particularly underserved or unserved communities, fostering broader internet accessibility and community development. “It integrates cutting-edge dashboards and a robust as-built database management system that serves as a single source of truth.” This managed solution not only supports the direct input and management of as-built data but also enhances visibility and accuracy across various phases of network deployment including a supplement for B/OSS systems as follows:

  • Enhanced Operational Visibility: Real-time dashboards display crucial data tailored to specific operations, allowing for budget, timeline, and permitting optimization.
  • Strategic Decision Making: With access to real-time and accurate data, CSPs can make informed decisions quickly, increasing speed to market and improving service reliability.
  • Advanced Analytical Tools: Features like feasibility analytics and competitive analysis equip CSPs with the insights needed to connect underserved communities effectively.
  • Cost Efficiency: By streamlining construction management and reducing labor costs, CSPs will significantly decrease overall project expenses.
  • Continual Data Management: All the data is hosted in one place, ensuring CSPs have continuous access to updated and accurate information through the subscription-based reporting service.

“CHR’s managed services have transformed how we manage our network development,” said Victor Robles, Executive Vice President of Engineering Services at CHR Solutions. “The real-time updates and complete visibility into our projects allow us to make strategic decisions on the fly, which has been critical in scaling our operations.” With this new service we are able to forecast in real-time, which helps us to be more effective, efficient and save money.”

About CHR Solutions
CHR Solutions provides a robust suite of services and solutions that enhance broadband infrastructure, equipping our clients to thrive in a fast-paced market. Our expertise in Broadband Engineering and Software includes comprehensive outside plant and network design, alongside a fully flexible and scalable operations and billing system, Network Monitoring, and Cybersecurity services. Our focus is on optimizing operational efficiency and propelling revenue growth, helping our clients achieve their goals.

At CHR Solutions, we are committed to delivering an unparalleled broadband experience, driven by our team of experts, continuous innovation, and an unwavering dedication to fulfilling our customers’ needs. For more information, visit us at

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Wendy Schechter, Harry Integrated Marketing