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Utopia Fiber Adds Three New Residential Internet Service Providers to its Open Access Network

Utopia Fiber Adds Three New Residential Internet Service Providers to its Open Access Network

Now Offering Utah Communities a Choice of 18 ISPs: New Pricing Includes 10 Gbps Symmetrical for as Low as $149 and a New 2.5 Gbps Option

The Woodlands, Texas (May 7, 2024) UTOPIA Fiber, the nation’s largest and most successful community-owned Open Access network, announced at Broadband Communities Summit the addition of three new residential Internet Service Providers (ISPs). As of May 1, the UTOPIA Open Access Marketplace now offers Utah communities a choice of 18 residential providers with a new 2.5 Gbps internet option and a 10 Gbps symmetrical plan for under $150.

“Joining the UTOPIA Fiber network has never been more advantageous,” said Roger Timmerman, Executive Director, UTOPIA Fiber. “We are championing the freedom for Utah residents to choose the plan that best suits their needs, offering the most competitive pricing, and providing a future-proof fiber solution with unparalleled choices among internet service providers. Our fiber infrastructure not only delivers among the nation’s fastest symmetrical speeds, but also guarantees reliable and affordable internet connectivity with one simple installation, no contracts, and no hidden fees.”

After a careful vetting process through an RFP, WiFi Pros (Bountiful City), ETS (Layton City), and Fusion Networks (Salem City) were invited to join the UTOPIA Fiber network, effective May 1, 2024. WIFI Pros offers a variety of plans to suit different needs and budgets, with options including: 250 Mbps starting at $38, 1 Gbps starting at $58, 2.5 Gbps starting at $68, and 10 Gbps starting at $208. Additionally, they offer Ooma Home Phone Service for free with a one-time $79 fee for the hardware. ETS offers 1 Gbps for $55, while Fusion Networks provides 250 Mbps for $35 and 1 Gbps for $45.

Most notably, Sumo Fiber, a veteran member of the UTOPIA Open Access Marketplace, is now offering 10 Gbps symmetrical for $119, plus a $30 UTOPIA Fiber infrastructure fee, bringing the total cost to $149 per month. This is among the lowest prices in the nation. For more details on all residential pricing options, visit:

Kimberly McKinley, Chief Marketing Officer and Deputy Director of UTOPIA Fiber, stated, “UTOPIA Fiber not only provides exceptional customer service but also offers a variety of choices that foster competitive pricing. Typically, consumers have limited options—often just one or two providers, and rarely fiber.  By collaborating with the communities we serve, UTOPIA swiftly builds this essential infrastructure. We then encourage locally-owned ISPs to join and compete within our network, which greatly benefits residents. Since May 1, we’ve already seen a big uptick in demand for the new 2.5 Gbps service and expect to welcome two more ISPs to our residential marketplace soon.”

UTOPIA Fiber is an inter-local agency providing Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) services in 21 Utah cities and in 50 cities for business class service. As an Open Access network, UTOPIA Fiber builds fast and reliable fiber infrastructure, and enables residents to choose from 18 private-sector ISPs—creating more competition and keeping the internet pricing affordable.

About UTOPIA Fiber
Created by a group of Utah cities, the Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency (UTOPIA) is a community-owned fiber optic network that uses the Open Access model to promote competition by giving customers the freedom to choose which telecommunication services they want. With fiber availability to approximately 200,000 businesses and residences in over 50 communities, UTOPIA Fiber is the largest and most successful Open Access network in the United States and enjoys the industry’s highest customer satisfaction scores. Since 2009, the agency has successfully designed, built, and operated nearly half-a-billion dollars worth of successful community broadband projects in Utah and the West, including operational partnerships with Idaho Falls, Yellowstone Fiber, and Bountiful Fiber, all of which have been funded by bonds which are paid back through subscriber revenue. For more information visit


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Chief Marketing Officer, UTOPIA Fiber