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Ripple Fiber Announces the Arrival of Fiber Internet Across North Carolina’s Gaston and Cleveland Counties

Ripple Fiber Announces the Arrival of Fiber Internet Across North Carolina’s Gaston and Cleveland Counties

Fiber internet provider celebrates introduction of new infrastructure to thousands of residences within five municipalities

CRAMERTON, N.C. (May 15, 2024) – Ripple Fiber, a fiber optic internet provider based in the Southeast, is now live in Cramerton, North Carolina, soon to be followed by Kings Mountain, Gastonia, West Gastonia, and Shelby. With the future addition of Cherryville, the current buildout of Gaston and Cleveland Counties will encompass almost 10,000 residences, many of which did not have previous access to fiber internet technology.

“We are grateful for the much-anticipated arrival of fiber internet for many of our original mill villages, such as Newport Landing, Riverside, Old Town, Washington/Brooklyn, and Cramerton Village Drive. Other communities will also be coming online soon, which is a big step for the future of our Town,” says Mayor Nelson Wills of Cramerton.

“This advancement marks an exciting milestone in closing the digital gap within our oldest and original communities. Ripple Fiber’s diligent work and consistent communication reflect our collective commitment to progress, investment, and innovation in the Town of Cramerton. We were ‘the model mill village’ in the early 1900s when Mr. Stuart W. Cramer designed and constructed the community, and we are fulfilling our vision of becoming ‘the model mill village of the future’ with this lightspeed fiber advancement and our partnership with Ripple Fiber.”

Driving digital transformation around the world, fiber internet is a powerful solution that functions at the speed of light. It transmits data through light pulses and is less susceptible to outside interference, making the fiber optic connections uniquely durable and strong. With Ripple Fiber’s future-focused approach, residents now have access to an infrastructure that will power the area for decades to come. Whether subscribers are using their internet for remote work or video streaming, they can rely on this service for exceptional bandwidth and impressive upload and download speeds.

“Ripple Fiber recognizes the community’s need and desire for improved connectivity, and we’re proud to be one of the first providers bringing fiber internet to residents in both Gaston County and Cleveland County,” says Greg Wilson, Founder and CEO of Ripple Fiber. “We are eager to be a valuable community partner and trusted ally in delivering future-proof infrastructure here in Cramerton and beyond.”

Currently offering two package options – 250 Mbps and 1 Gig – Ripple Fiber provides thousands of homes with lightning-fast connectivity through the utilization of its fiber optic network and patented software. Its team is dedicated to expanding access and constructing strong infrastructures in communities nationwide. Embracing optimism and recognizing the importance of digital access, Ripple Fiber strives to empower its customers by equipping them with the necessary tools to build a bright future.

Ripple Fiber’s local office is located at 100 W John Street, Suite E, Matthews, North Carolina. Residents in Cramerton and neighboring areas who would like to learn more about Ripple Fiber’s offerings and confirm availability in their neighborhood can visit and follow along on social media (@ripple.fiber) for updates.


Ripple Fiber is the brightest and fastest fiber internet company based in the Southeast, providing thousands of homes with lightning-fast internet connectivity via its powerful fiber optic network and patented software. With community at the forefront of its mission, Ripple Fiber strives to expand digital access for people across the nation. This approach empowers generations to create the futures they want and deserve. Ripple Fiber believes the biggest wave starts as a ripple. Learn more about Ripple Fiber at

Media Contact:
Emily Adams
Corporate Communications Director