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Digital Architect for Data Centers: inteliPhy net 5

Digital Architect for Data Centers: inteliPhy net 5

The DCIM software from R&M designs infrastructures for computer rooms using drag-and-drop. New release with ready-made KPI reports.

R&M, the globally active developer and provider of high-end infrastructure solutions for data and communications networks, is now offering Release 5 of the DCIM software inteliPhy net. The test version can be accessed on the R&M website.

With Release 5, inteliPhy net is turning into a digital architect for data centers. Computer rooms can be flexibly designed according to the demand, application, size, and category of the data center. Planners can position the infrastructure modules intuitively on an arbitrary floor plan using drag-and-drop. inteliPhy net enables detailed 2D and 3D visualizations that are also suitable for project presentations.

With inteliPhy net, it is possible to insert, structure, and move racks, rack rows, and enclosures with just a few clicks. Patch panels, PDUs, cable ducts, and pre-terminated trunk cables can be added, adapted, and connected virtually just as quickly. The software finds optimal routes for the trunk cables and calculates the cable lengths. inteliPhy net contains an extensive library of templates for the entire infrastructure, such as racks, patch panels, cables, and power supply. Models for active devices with data on weight, size, ports, slots, feed connections, performance, and consumption are also included. Users can configure metamodels and save them for future planning.

Finished inventory list and digital twin
During planning, inteliPhy net generates an inventory list that can be used directly for cost calculations and orders. The planning process results in a database with a digital twin of the computer room. It serves as the basis for the entire Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), which is the main function of inteliPhy net.

R&M now also offers ready-made KPI reports with zero-touch configuration for inteliPhy net. Users can link the reports with environmental, monitoring, infrastructure, and operating data to monitor the efficiency of the data center. Customizable dashboards and automated KPI analyses help them to regulate power consumption and temperatures more precisely, and to utilize resources.

Another new feature is the interaction of inteliPhy net with a focus on the savings in packaging service from R&M. Customers can, for example, configure Netscale 48 patch panels individually with inteliPhy net. R&M assembles the patch panels completely ready for installation and delivers them in single packaging. The concept saves a considerable amount of individual packaging for small parts. This reduces raw material consumption, waste, and the time required for installation.

About R&M

R&M (Reichle & De-Massari AG) is a globally active corporate group in the ICT network infrastructures market, based in Wetzikon, Switzerland. Founded in 1964, the family-owned company offers all-in-one solutions for communication and data networks. With the vision of unlimited communication for people and companies, R&M integrates all levels, from copper and fiber-based connectivity to software for infrastructure management. Areas of application for infrastructure solutions from R&M include LAN and smart buildings, telecommunications, Fiber to the Home, Fiber to the Antenna/5G, data centers, transport and green energy. R&M is represented by local market organizations in over 40 countries and has its own manufacturing facilities at numerous locations worldwide. Sustainability is a central element of R&M’s strategy and values.