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Nex-Tech Celebrates Mental Health Month with Employee-Driven Charity Donation

Nex-Tech Celebrates Mental Health Month with Employee-Driven Charity Donation

As Mental Health Month draws close, Nex-Tech proudly reaffirms its commitment to employee well-being and community support. Throughout May, Nex-Tech intensified its efforts to strengthen mental health resources for its workforce while giving back to a local charity suggested by one of its own.

Recognizing the importance of mental health awareness, Nex-Tech has prioritized comprehensive support for its employees. The company provides free Employee Assistance Program (EAP) assistance, offering access to a suite of mental health tools. Blue Cross Blue Shield provides Nex-Tech employees resources to guide them through identifying the right mental health care.  Additionally, all employees benefit from telehealth services including online counseling, and access to the Brown & Brown relief center, free of charge, ensuring convenient and confidential access to professional support.

In a heartening display of engagement, Nex-Tech employees participated in Mental Health Awareness by ordering 68 custom shirts designed by their Marketing team. Furthermore, the company facilitated donations through payroll deductions, resulting in a combined contribution of $606 from its dedicated staff.

Seven charities, recommended by employees, were considered for the donation. To determine the recipient, Nex-Tech hosted a “Friendly Competition” between its CEO, Jimmy Todd, and Director of Operational Support Services, Justin McClung. In a good-natured contest, The Center for Life Experience emerged as the chosen charity, reflecting the strong endorsement from Nex-Tech employees.

In a generous gesture reflecting Nex-Tech’s values of community engagement, the company has pledged to match the employee donations, doubling the impact. The grand total of $1,212 will be donated to The Center for Life Experience, underscoring Nex-Tech’s dedication to supporting mental health initiatives within the communities it serves.

Nex-Tech remains steadfast in its mission to cultivate a supportive culture for its employees while actively engaging with and giving back to the community. Through initiatives like these, the company aims to promote dialogue, raise awareness, and effect positive change in the realm of mental health.

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