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TruVista Enhances Operational Efficiency With Omnia360

TruVista Enhances Operational Efficiency With Omnia360

Seamless Migration Of PlantTel Enhances TruVista’s Broadband Service Capabilities

CHR Solutions, the experienced leader in providing services and solutions to help communication service providers (CSPs) achieve operational efficiency and revenue growth, is proud to announce a significant milestone with its long-time client TruVista Communications. TruVista, a leading provider of broadband services in the Midlands Region of South Carolina and Northern and Southern Georgia, acquired PlantTel, a Georgia-based communications company, and has successfully migrated over 10,000 accounts from PlantTel’s system to CHR Solutions’ Omnia360™ platform.

A client of CHR since 2009, TruVista initially implemented OMNIA™, CHR Solutions’ traditional B/OSS (business and operations support systems). As the company grew, it needed a scalable solution that could grow with the company. Enter the Omnia360 platform, which offers a comprehensive suite of features including facilities management, network activation, billing and more. Omnia360 enables CSPs to collect, share and transform data into valuable business insights. Following TruVista’s acquisition of PlantTel, transitioning to Omnia360 proved to be the right choice, offering superior efficiency and functionality compared to the software PlantTel previously used.

“Requiring one less data cut than initially planned, our system’s ability to seamlessly handle the influx of new accounts is a testament to our commitment to providing robust and scalable solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients,” said Arun Pasrija, CEO of CHR Solutions. “As the industry moves to consolidation, it’s critical for our clients to be able to migrate accounts easily and efficiently. By streamlining the data migration process, we have significantly reduced downtime and operational disruptions, enabling our clients to maintain continuous service and focus on growth.”

Omnia360 offers a unified order capture process for both business-to-business and residential services, enabling customer service representatives (CSR) and customers to utilize a robust customer portal efficiently. Omnia360’s CSR Workspace consolidates all necessary tools into one simple screen, enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction.

“Choosing CHR Solutions’ Omnia360 was a strategic decision to align PlantTel’s operations into TruVista’s proven processes,” said Carla French, CEO of TruVista Communications. “We have already seen significant improvements in workflow, business processes, and scheduling. The transition has been smooth, and the benefits are clear.” With the acquisition, TruVista’s growing entity now uses the same streamlined workflow processes, business processes, and scheduling processes, ensuring consistency and efficiency across the board.

About TruVista
Headquartered in Chester, SC, TruVista has been a leading provider of broadband services and associated applications in the Midlands Region of South Carolina and Northern and Southern Georgia for over 127 years. TruVista offers residential customers broadband services up to a 2G symmetrical and multi-gig services for business customers. For more information, visit

About CHR
CHR Solutions provides a robust suite of services and solutions that enhance broadband infrastructure, equipping our clients to thrive in a fast-paced market. Our expertise in Broadband Engineering and Software includes comprehensive outside plant and network design, alongside a fully flexible and scalable operations and billing system, Network Monitoring, and Cybersecurity services. Our focus is on optimizing operational efficiency and propelling revenue growth, helping our clients achieve their goals.

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