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Render Networks announces partnership with Safe Software to streamline construction management workflows

Render Networks announces partnership with Safe Software to streamline construction management workflows

Render to become part of Safe’s global partner ecosystem of FME service providers

DENVER, CO – (June 27, 2024) –  Render Networks is pleased to announce its new service partnership with Safe Software, offering expanded data integration and transformation capabilities to support Render’s digital construction management platform. Through this partnership, Render will extend its expertise in Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) processes, offer advanced data transformation and integration solutions to its customers, and deliver even more efficient projects.

As a leading digital construction management (DCM) platform in the telecommunications and utility industries, Render optimizes network construction workflow based on geospatial representations of an initial network design. Because these designs are produced in a myriad of digital formats, extracting and translating the rich information completely and accurately often presents a challenge. Safe Software’s FME approach enhances existing workflow data, translating it fully to and from any format without reliance on code. Through the partnership with Safe Software, Render will leverage FME to transform design data from virtually any source into a digital format that can be used to create highly efficient construction management workflows.

“We are proud to become part of the Safe Software partner ecosystem,” said Rob Laudati, VP of Product & Partnerships at Render Networks. “This partnership enables Render to provide advanced data transformation and integration solutions across a wide range of digital network planning and design systems, tailored to the specific requirements of our customers. By capturing the richness of any design through FME as it flows to Render, our digital construction management platform becomes even more impactful to our customers. With Safe’s support, we will continue standardizing data flows with FME and build consistent interfaces that customers can rely on.”

Contact us to learn more about Render Networks and how the company is using Safe Software’s advanced data transformation and integration solutions.

About Render Networks
Founded in 2013 with a mission to build networks better, Render has a successful history of streamlining large-scale network construction for network operators and construction teams. Through the automation of manual tasks and improved utilization of resources, Render’s end-to-end geospatial network construction platform eliminates all paper-based processes, achieving real-time progress transparency and generating time and cost efficiencies of 30% while improving visibility and control across global telco infrastructure rollouts. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Media Contact:
Autumn Minnich
Connect2 Communications for Render Networks