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FBA Official Statement on Build America Buy America Waiver for the BEAD Program – 2/23/2024

“The Fiber Broadband Association applauds the National Telecommunications and Information Administration for its seriousness and diligence in adopting the just released Build America Buy America waiver for the BEAD Program. This program has the potential to bring fiber connectivity – our nation’s critical communications infrastructure — to the vast majority of currently unserved Americans. The waiver will enhance domestic production of the products needed for that infrastructure allowing funding recipients to continue to provide economic opportunity, including job creation, through innovation and timely deployment of broadband infrastructure. Many of our members provided input to the agency on the waiver, and we appreciate the agency’s open-door policy. FBA looks forward to the program’s project awards and fiber deployments that will benefit us all.”

-Gary Bolton, President and CEO, Fiber Broadband Association