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FBA Official Statement About American Jobs Plan Infrastructure Bill

“FBA believes every American deserves access to the possibilities and prosperity that come into reach when gigabit symmetrical broadband is available. This bill makes significant progress toward that goal by committing $40 billion to the construction of networks in unserved areas that deliver the level of bandwidth needed so that no community is left behind. With speeds well above the FCC’s current broadband standard, along with opportunities for states to support the fastest speeds that grant applicants seek, we think the future will be bright. FBA applauds the work of the bipartisan Senate negotiators who understand the status quo is not enough, that it is not about the interests of operators and vendors but the needs of people and places. With many fiber systems already under construction in rural markets, our members stand ready to further serve more communities by building out broadband networks with unlimited potential, where possibilities are limitless and will help drive economic prosperity for future generations.”

-Gary Bolton, President and CEO, Fiber Broadband Association