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OSP Exam

The online examination to confirm certification will be administered by the Fiber Broadband Association. Those who successfully demonstrate knowledge of the course matter through this online examination, by achieving a passing percentage of 80% or greater, will receive the FTTx OSP Design designation and a certification diploma valid for three (3) years.

The exam and certification fee is $150 US for the three-year period. After that time, another exam will be required to maintain certification. Additional examinations after the 3-year period will require a re-test fee of $50 US.

Once an exam is purchased, you will receive an email containing a link to the testing software, your username, and your password. You may begin the exam when you are ready, there is no cut-off date for taking the exam. However, once you begin the exam, you will have a 90-minute time limit to complete it. You will receive an email stating your results. If you pass, you will be emailed a certificate and your name will be posted on our website. If you fail, you will receive one free re-take, which will be sent to you via email. The retake must be taken within a 14-day window from the time you receive the email with your new password.

OSP Exam Purchase

To proceed to the purchasing of the OSP Online Exam, the participant must read and accept the Fiber Broadband Association’s OSP Professional (OSP) Online Exam Terms and Conditions on the next page. Click the grey box below to proceed with your purchase.