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Ashley Brown

Senior Director, Field Marketing, Adtran

Ashley Brown has been involved with the FBA for nine years. She currently sits on the Conference Committee and the Women in Fiber Committee. Her attendance rate is 92% with meetings and activities. Within Women in Fiber, Ashley holds “champion” roles for several sub-committees, including welcome to Women in Fiber, event/meet-ups, and benchmark study. She has put together several panels and speaking abstracts for the FBA and has spoken at almost every event in 2023. Ashley brings leadership and energy around fiber deployment/operations and broadband marketing/experience/policy. Additionally, at Fiber Connect 2023, she led the Middle Mile pre-conference half-day session.

Ashley currently serves as the Senior Director of Field Marketing for Adtran. Though she works for Adtran and is grateful for the strong relationship Adtran has with the FBA, this election is not about voting for Adtran – it is about voting for Ashley. And what she can bring to the Board of Directors. Her current role is focused on the fiber industry, knowing what is happening, and being involved in the industry. Ashley talks daily with broadband service providers and works with the NTIA, Federal Program Officers, and State Broadband Offices. She works weekly with their policy consultant to ensure proper education about what it will take to close the digital divide—understanding how to overcome the obstacles of high-cost areas to deploy fiber—advocating digital opportunity and the Affordable Connectivity Program. Ashley is an advocate. She is passionate about when fiber leads, the future will follow.