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Paul Weintraub

Director of International Business - Superior Essex Communications




Nominee Questionnaire

Please provide a short bio for voters to get to know you. Paul F. Weintraub is a dynamic leader with over 25 years of expertise in driving global business initiatives, forging strategic partnerships, and crafting innovative engagement strategies in the Information & Communications Technology (ICT) and Broadband sectors. His technical prowess spans across a diverse range of disciplines, including Telecommunications, Data Centers, ELV, ESS Systems, and Sustainability in Technology, with a particular focus on the integral role of infrastructure systems design and implementation.

Areas of Expertise:

Global Expansion, Strategic Partnerships, Market Development, ICT Infrastructure Design, Telecommunications, Data Centers, ELV, ESS Systems, Sustainability in Technology, Broadband Communications and Infrastructure

Nonprofit & Board Leadership:

Paul brings his strategic vision to the nonprofit sector, currently serving as the Board Secretary for APOLAN (The Association for Passive Optical LAN) since January 2023. His board experience includes a past role with the Orlando Chapter of Prospanica from January through December 2021.

In August 2020, Paul co-founded Fridays@4, a vibrant community that aids association and nonprofit leaders. The organization fosters meaningful connections and skills for career success through peer support, expertise-infused learning, and virtual networking in a welcoming, fun, and supportive environment. As President until October 2022, he championed its mission and played a pivotal role in its growth and outreach.

Military Service & Teamwork:

A proud US Navy Veteran, Paul’s military service has ingrained in him a strong sense of discipline, dedication, and teamwork. These qualities are evident in his approach to corporate responsibilities and commitment to community engagement.

Language Proficiency & Cultural Competence:

Fluent in Spanish, Paul effectively communicates and engages with diverse stakeholders in the global business landscape, enhancing his ability to foster international partnerships and cross-cultural understanding.

Public Speaking & Industry Leadership:

Paul is a sought-after speaker known for captivating industry and association gatherings with insightful discussions on technology solutions, growth initiatives, sustainability, and global expansion strategies. His extensive experience in ICT positions him as a valuable asset in the evolving broadband industry.

Academic & Professional Qualifications:

Paul holds an MBA in International Business from Rollins College and a rich portfolio of certifications, including RCDD, RTPM, ESS, and ICT Technician designations from the Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI), along with the prestigious Certified Association Executive (CAE) certification from the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE).

Please explain why you consider yourself an excellent candidate for the Board of Directors of the Fiber Broadband Association. My journey with the Fiber Broadband Association began with spearheading Superior Essex’s decision to join this distinguished organization. Additionally, during my tenure as Vice President of Global Development and Support at BICSI, I had the privilege of collaborating with the Fiber Broadband Association’s LATAM chapter on shared speaking engagements.

I consider myself an excellent candidate for the Board of Directors for several reasons:

1. Deep Industry Involvement: With over a quarter-century of experience in the Information & Communications Technology sectors, I have been deeply entrenched in the industry’s evolution. This extensive background has given me a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies, challenges, and global potential of the Fiber Broadband Industry.

2. Global Perspective: My collaborations with international entities have enriched my global perspective on broadband. My fluency in Spanish has facilitated numerous international alliances, further amplifying my understanding of the industry’s global dynamics.

3. Corporate and Non-Profit Synergy: Having straddled both the for-profit and non-profit sectors, with significant roles at Superior Essex Communications and BICSI, I possess a unique appreciation for the synergies between these realms. My Certified Association Executive designation from ASAE underscores this expertise.

4. Leadership Ethos: My leadership ethos is defined by the discipline and collaborative spirit I gained during my tenure with the US Navy. I am committed to bridging divides, championing important causes, and co-shaping the future of connectivity.

5. Vision for the Future: In this era of convergence between technology and community, the Fiber Broadband Association stands as a pivotal confluence. I believe that as global connectivity continues to expand, the significance of fiber broadband cannot be overstated. Drawing from my corporate and non-profit engagements, like BICSI and Fridays@4, I am uniquely positioned to advance this mission.

6. Commitment to Innovation: I am eager to contribute to the Fiber Broadband Association’s pursuit of global broadband innovations. I aim to collaboratively architect the next chapter in connectivity, bridging the digital divide and fostering transformative changes.

In conclusion, I bring a wealth of experience, a global perspective, and a commitment to advancing the Fiber Broadband Association’s mission. I am excited about the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors and to work in shaping our connected future.

How many years has your company been a Fiber Broadband Association Member? Two
How many years have you participated in Fiber Broadband Association activities? Seven
Please indicate any Fiber Broadband Association Committees or working groups you have participated on including position and years served. Now our (my) second year of membership with the FBA, I haven’t yet had the opportunity to serve on any committees or working groups in North America or LATAM. Nevertheless, my deep-rooted passion for serving nonprofits and belief in their transformative influence has driven me to apply for a position on the FBA’s Board of Directors. In addition to my aspiration to join the Board, I am enthusiastic about contributing to and serving on FBA committees. I am fully prepared to participate actively and am keen to make a meaningful impact at the board and committee levels. My ultimate aim is to enhance the association’s mission and be a pivotal part of its continued success.
Please list any Fiber Broadband Association Contributions (activities supported, assets developed, documents drafted, webinars presented, etc.) Collaborative Events: Facilitated pivotal collaborations between the FBA’s LATAM Chapter and BICSI. This resulted in mutual speaking opportunities, such as the FBA’s active participation at the BICSI Andino Conferences and BICSI presenting at the FBA’s Conference in Lima, Peru.

Membership Growth: I played an instrumental role in driving Superior Essex Communications to not only become a member but also actively engage with the FBA across both the LATAM and US chapters.

Global Expansion: Advocated for and secured Superior Essex Communications’ membership with the Fiber Connect Council MENA, thereby amplifying our company’s footprint within the global fiber broadband community.

Speaking Engagements: I’ve been honored to represent Superior Essex Communications at numerous prestigious events. My upcoming presentation at the Fiber Connect Council MENA’s conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is eagerly anticipated. Additionally, I’ve recently presented at the FBA’s LATAM Chapter Fiber Connect events in cities such as Bogota, Colombia; Santiago, Chile; and Mexico City, Mexico, where I imparted key insights and shared our advancements in the industry.

Exhibition: We are gearing up to showcase at the imminent Fiber Connect Council MENA conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This comes after our successful exhibitions at Fiber Connect events in locations like Bogota, Colombia; Santiago, Chile; Kissimmee, FL; and Mexico City, Mexico, where we highlighted our company’s cutting-edge innovations and solutions.

How many years have you been in your current position? 2 years, 6 months
Describe your current job and functional responsibilities. As the Director of International Business at Superior Essex Communications, I architect and implement our global strategies within the fiber broadband and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) landscapes. My primary goal: elevate our brand’s stature and foster growth across these pivotal sectors.

My MBA in International Business, combined with over 25 years of multifaceted leadership in sales, business development, and program management, equips me with a profound understanding of the intricacies and opportunities within both the fiber broadband and ICT industries. This expertise is further reinforced by my BICSI RCDD certification.

Central to my role is orchestrating our international endeavors, ensuring we carve out a prominent niche in markets worldwide, harnessing the transformative power of fiber broadband and leveraging the dynamism of the ICT sector. This often involves intensive travel to ensure our initiatives are effectively localized and integrated.

My daily responsibilities span a broad spectrum:

• Mentoring: I nurture our international team, ensuring they adeptly articulate the benefits of our offerings within both the fiber broadband and ICT ecosystems.
• Partnerships & Collaborations: Building synergistic collaborations with industry stalwarts, I aim to devise and deploy comprehensive solutions that cater to the diverse needs of these sectors.
• Market Intelligence: Keeping a pulse on global trends and shifts within the fiber broadband and ICT realms, I extract insights that inform and refine our strategic direction, always ensuring we’re a step ahead.
• Representation: I serve as the face of our company at major industry events, orchestrate recruitment endeavors, liaise with internal teams for product advancement, and map out strategic territorial engagements.

Driven by passion and expertise, I am committed to positioning Superior Essex Communications at the forefront of the fiber broadband and ICT revolutions, advocating for the transformative potential of interconnected digital infrastructures globally.

What was your previous position? Vice President of Global Development at The Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI)
How many years did you hold your previous position for? 9 years, 9 months
Do you have experience as a member of a Board of Directors? Yes
If you answered yes, please provide the entity, the number of years served, and the officer position held. 1. APOLAN (Association for Passive Optical LAN)
Position: Board Secretary
Tenure: January 2023 – Present2. Prospanica – Orlando Chapter
Position: Board Member
Tenure: January 2021 – December 20213. Fridays@4 Society (a registered 501(c)3 organization)
Position: Co-founder & President
Tenure: August 2020 – October 2022
The bylaws prohibit convicted felons from serving on the board. Is there any legal impediment that would prevent you from serving on the Board? No
Is there any legal issue personally of which the Association should be aware? No
Being a Fiber Broadband Association Board Member requires a considerable time commitment. Please confirm that you have the support of your company if you are elected. Yes
Please provide a short overview of your experience with telecommunications, fiber optics, and FTTH technologies. I bring over 25 years of leadership experience in sales, business development, and program management within the telecommunications and ICT sectors, both in the US and abroad. As the Director of International Business, I have been at the forefront of leading our company’s international strategies, focusing on the deployment and management of broadband and fiber optic solutions. My deep involvement in these sectors is further evidenced by my BICSI RCDD certification and other notable ICT/ELV industry credentials.

Additionally, I have actively contributed to the Fiber Broadband Association, both in the LATAM and US chapters, enhancing collaborations, and participating as a speaker at multiple events. My extensive travel and active role in global ventures have allowed me to gain hands-on experience with FTTH technologies and their deployment in various international markets.

Furthermore, my current and past positions on several boards, including APOLAN, have provided me with a strategic perspective on the advancements and challenges in the fiber optics and telecommunications sectors. This blend of leadership, strategic involvement, and on-ground experience positions me as a seasoned professional in the field of telecommunications and fiber optics.

Please describe the goals you would like to accomplish during your term as Fiber Broadband Association Board Member. 1. Enhance Global Collaboration: Drawing from my international business experience and involvement in both the LATAM and US chapters of the FBA, I aim to foster stronger ties and collaboration between the regional chapters, ensuring that knowledge, best practices, and innovations are shared seamlessly.

2. Drive Membership Growth: I would like to replicate the success I’ve had with driving Superior Essex Communications’ membership in the FBA and Fiber Connect Council MENA by crafting initiatives to attract and retain members, thus strengthening the Association’s community.

3. Educational Initiatives: Leveraging my experience as a speaker at various FBA events, I’m keen to enhance the FBA’s educational and training offerings, ensuring that members are up-to-date with the latest in FTTH technologies and business strategies.

4. Promote ICT Integration: Recognizing the convergence of telecommunications, fiber optics, and broader ICT solutions, I aim to make the FBA a nexus for these intersecting domains, allowing for more holistic solution development and market approaches.

5. Strengthen Industry Partnerships: By capitalizing on my past collaborations and partnerships, I hope to forge stronger ties with key stakeholders, manufacturers, and service providers in the fiber broadband ecosystem, thereby increasing the Association’s influence and reach.

6. Support Nonprofits & Social Impact: With a personal passion for serving nonprofits, I’d like to explore opportunities where the FBA can drive social impact, be it through digital inclusion initiatives, community projects, or collaborations with charitable entities.

In essence, my primary objective is to harness my depth of experience and passion for the industry to advance the mission of the FBA, ensuring it remains at the forefront of innovation, collaboration, and growth in the fiber broadband sector.

Have you reviewed the Board of Directors’ Responsibilities document, and do you understand what is required? Yes
Please describe the level of commitment (in terms of time and effort) that you intend to make to the Association during the three-year term. During the three-year term as a Fiber Broadband Association Board Member, I am fully committed to dedicating a substantial amount of time and effort to the Association. My commitment encompasses active engagement and participation in various aspects of the Association’s activities, including:

1. Board Meetings: I will attend all Board meetings, both virtual (Zoom) conference calls and face-to-face meetings, with the objective of achieving 100% attendance at face-to-face meetings and maintaining a 75% attendance rate for virtual calls.

2. Travel: I will travel as required for Board meetings, regional meetings, the Annual Conference & Expo, and any other speaking engagements or meetings associated with Board membership, all on my member company’s budget.

3. Committee Liaison: I will actively serve as a Board liaison with one of the Fiber Broadband Association’s committees, which involves preparation time and participation in committee conference calls.

4. Preparation: I will invest approximately 2 hours in preparation for each Board meeting, which includes reviewing financial documents, contracts, strategic plans, and conference plans.

5. Professional Conduct: I will consistently interact in a professional manner with all Board members, FBA staff, and members, serving as an example of professional conduct throughout my tenure.

6. Representation: I will represent the views of the Fiber Broadband Association in all public arenas when representing the Association, aligning my actions with the Association’s positions, regardless of any personal opinions or conflicts.

7. Anti-Trust Guidelines: I will adhere to the Association’s Anti-Trust Guidelines at all times.

Throughout the three-year term, I will uphold the highest standards of dedication and professionalism, actively contributing to the Association’s mission and goals, and ensuring its continued growth and success in advancing the fiber broadband industry.

Please inform us of any other information, issue, or concern of which the Association should be aware. I would like to bring to the Association’s attention my strong commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within the fiber broadband industry. In my role as a member of the Board of Directors, I believe it is crucial for the Fiber Broadband Association to actively engage in initiatives that foster a more inclusive environment, both within the Association itself and in the broader industry.

Diversity of perspectives and backgrounds is a catalyst for innovation and progress, and I am dedicated to advocating for programs and policies that ensure equal opportunities and representation for all individuals in our field. As a Board Member, I am eager to contribute to discussions and initiatives related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and I look forward to collaborating with my colleagues to advance these important principles within the Association and the fiber broadband industry as a whole.