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Fiber for Breakfast 2023 Week 4: Fiber to the Trailer Park

As we work to close the digital divide, thousands of Americans live in non-traditional homes. 17.7 million people (5.6% of the population) live in manufactured homes across the country. Further, 1 million Americans live in recreational vehicles full-time and over 9 million families travel in RVs. That’s nearly 30 million people and families that need access to Gigabit broadband but may be challenged to get fiber. This session with Joe Costello, CEO of Kwikbit Internet, will explore strategies to close the digital divide in these non-traditional environments. We all know (and the Kwikbit team agrees) that fiber delivers the best possible broadband experience. We in the fiber industry need other great broadband companies who can complement our technology to help more Americans get fiber-class service today. Come hear how Kwikbit Internet is working with the fiber industry to make their broadband more available.

Panelist: Joe Costello – CEO, Kwikbit Internet