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FBA Presents – Fiber Workforce Development Guidebook – Workforce Development for BEAD

As states prepare their Five-Year Action Plans to submit to NTIA, the inclusion of training has never been more important. Broadband Equity and Access Deployment (BEAD) funding will be a key element in building the fiber workforce through comprehensive training. The FBA Workforce Development Guidebook is designed to assist State Broadband Offices and State Workforce Development Offices to create and implement comprehensive workforce development programs in support of the NTIA BEAD program. Join this webinar to understand the workforce challenges of BEAD, the importance of adopting a training program, and what you need to do to get started.

For a copy of the Guidebook, click here.

Webinar Presenters

Megan Corriveau, Consultant, Cartesian
Mark Boxer, Technical Manager, Solutions and Applications Engineering, OFS, and FBA Board Member
Deborah Kish, VP of Research and Workforce Development, Fiber Broadband Association