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FBA Presents – Totally Takeable Tactics Vol. 2

Totally Takeable Tactics received such positive feedback, the FBA Marketing Committee is bringing you “Totally Takeable Tactics Volume 2” to get your 2024 creative juices flowing!

Would it be helpful to hear a few fun and creative ideas that you may be able to weave into your 2024 calendar? Join the FBA Marketing Committee to learn some dynamic and creative (and easily repeatable!) communications tactics that have worked for teams from coast to coast. In a round-robin style presentation, 4 communicators will share micro-presentations around an issue they faced, the solution they created to work through it, and how it turned out.

Presented by:

Corey Powers, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Catapult
Katherine Songster, Communications Director, Harrison Edwards
John Paul, Spiral Internet
Kimberly Biddy, Manager of Social, Digital, and Traditional Media, EPB


Webinar Slides – Totally Takeable Tactics – Volume 2 – Slides