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FBA Presents – VETRO & Render: Automating the End-to-End Connection Process and Delivering Connectivity Faster

Fiber management and construction management are complex processes, the combination of VETRO and Render’s best-of-breed capabilities and automation enables network operators to significantly simplify and remove all ‘swivel chair’ processes from customer sign up to operations handover and connection.

Join executives from both market-leading solutions and Andy Lung, Director of OSP and Services at empower, delivered by Craighead Electric, as they share examples of how this partnership is already achieving construction to connection timelines of just ten weeks with significantly reduced resourcing and operating costs. VETRO and Render’s open and API-driven integration enables network operators to automate the end-to-end connection process utilizing a single source of real-time GIS data to:

• Eliminate construction handover effort and close-out timelines
• Maintain a pristine system of record with two-way information flows
• Confidently construct and operate networks at the same time
• Significantly reduce time-to-connect


Webinar Speakers:

Sam Pratt, CEO, Render Networks
Tom Brooks, Director, GIS & Solution Engineering, Render Networks
Lance McGee, Head of Product, VETRO
Andy Lung, Director of OSP and Services, empower, delivered by Craighead Electric