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Fiber for Breakfast 2023 Week 21 – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: What We’ve Learned from 30+ Network Evaluations

The fiber network market continues to burn hot for digital infrastructure investors as well as service providers seeking capital to fund upgrades and expansions. No matter where you sit in the ecosystem, the observations and insights of Broadband Success Partners will be an eye-opener. Having completed over 30 technical due diligence projects, Jack Burton and David Strauss of Broadband Success Partners will share what they’ve seen and, in some cases, wished they hadn’t. Their document analyses, management interviews and physical inspections of a wide variety of networks have yielded a vast and valuable volume of dos and don’ts. While a good number of the assets they’ve investigated pass with flying colors, others do not. The red and yellow flags they’ve uncovered are proof positive that present and potential network owners and stakeholders should not take anything for granted.

Guest Bios:

David Strauss and Jack Burton co-founded Broadband Success Partners – a consultancy focused on the technology and operations needs of digital infrastructure investors and service providers. Clients include Alinda, Antin, CBRE Caledon, GI Partners, Grain, I Squared, Macquarie, Post Road Group, American Broadband and Surf Broadband.

David has authored research-based reports on Edge Computing and Network Automation for Ciena as well as a report on Managed Wi-Fi for Calix. Previously, David designed and executed the first go-to-market plan for Comcast Business’ Metro Ethernet services.

Jack has completed over 30 network due diligence evaluations. Jack has also authored numerous white papers for clients such as Adtran, Calix, Ciena, Corning and Vecima. Previously, Jack was Senior Director of Systems Engineering for Altice USA and Cablevision Systems. His projects included Voice Over IP, Business Services, Advanced Access Networks, and Optical Transport.