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Fiber for Breakfast 2023 Week 23 – How 1G Became the Global Broadband Standard

How did 1G become the global standard for broadband? In this Fiber for Breakfast, Jaimie Lenderman, Principal Analyst, Broadband Access Intelligence Service at Omdia, a global technology market research firm, will discuss this question and the results of an Omdia study around wireline broadband offerings. What’s more, Jaimie will break down the drivers behind this trend in the North America.

Webinar Guest:

Jaimie Lenderman is a Principal Analyst and Research Manager at Omdia covering the Broadband Access Intelligence Service. Jaimie provides insight to key audiences and ecosystem players. Reports include quarterly market share trackers, forecasts, next-gen technology analysis and business strategy, and specialized consulting projects.

Jaimie’s research areas include fiber, copper, cable, and fixed wireless access technologies. She has worked in the telecoms industry for over seven years. Prior to joining Ovum, now Omdia, in 2017 Jaimie was a broadband infrastructure and customer premise equipment analyst at IHS Markit. She previously held roles in the public policy and construction sectors. Jaimie’s research findings and thought leadership have been published in key filings for prominent regulatory bodies, including the FCC and the EU. She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Montana State University.