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Fiber for Breakfast 2023 Week 26 – Changing the Fate of Rural Missouri with Fiber Broadband

Please join us for Fiber for Breakfast titled, “Changing the Fate of Rural Missouri with Fiber Broadband – An Electric Coop with More Broadband Subs Than Electric Members…” on Wednesday, June 29, at 10am EDT with Darren Farnan, General Manager of United Fiber.

The unique thing about United Fiber is that they now have about 24,000 fiber subscribers and its parent company, United Electric, has 7500 members (10,000 meters). They are the only electric cooperative with more fiber subscribers than electric members in the country. Furthermore, they are a small cooperative with one of the lowest customer densities (2.5 meters per mile) in the State of Missouri. Darren will share how they have now built out the bulk of their membership (finishing in the next 12 months) in over 40 communities in Northwest Missouri. Fiber broadband connectivity has changed the future opportunities in their region, along with the future of the Cooperative.

Webinar Guest:

Darren Farnan has worked for United Electric Cooperative since 1994 and serves as the General Manager of United Fiber. Darren has also served in the roles of Chief Development Officer and Energy Services manager for United. Darren led the development and operations of the United Fiber network which has grown to over 3200 miles of fiber, 54 employees, and $25 million in annual revenue since turning up our first fiber customer in 2013. Currently, United Fiber is approaching 25,000 combined residential and commercial fiber customers. Darren received his Bachelor of Science in Business Management (1991), and MBA (1992) from Northwest Missouri State University. Darren served as the Chair for the UTC Utilities Broadband Committee from 2018-2021 and has provided numerous national presentations for the FTTH Council, Calix, and UTC on the United Fiber business. He is involved in many local organizations including economic development and civic organizations throughout the United service area.