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Fiber for Breakfast 2023 Week 27 – The Work from Home and Collaboration Megatrends are Fueling the Fiber Diet

In this Fiber for Breakfast, Ron Westfall, Research Director & Senior Analyst, will share how Futurum Research recently completed a 500+ person survey across the key decision makers of major organizations in partnership with Microsoft to identify workplace engagement and collaboration trends over the past two years. Futurum’s key survey findings included an increasing percentage of current workforces are now primarily REMOTE or work-from-home – i.e., not required to regularly be in an office. This includes that in the post-pandemic era, organization decision makers expect their workforces to become more REMOTE or work-from-home. Of key importance is a significant shift across workspace arrangements with conference rooms and spaces at commercial offices receding and physical restructuring of unused office space picking up pace. Ron will explain how Futurum believes the expansion of WFH/hybrid work and distributed collaboration platform adoption provides significant warrant and validation for the evolving FTTH and fiber build use cases.

Webinar Guest:

Ron Westfall, Research Director & Senior Analyst, Futurum Research

Ron is an experienced research expert and analyst, with over 20 years of experience in the digital and IT transformation markets. A Senior Analyst and Research Director with Futurum Research, he is a recognized authority at tracking the evolution of and identifying the key disruptive trends within the service enablement ecosystem, including software and services, infrastructure, 5G/IoT, AI/analytics, security, cloud computing, revenue management, and regulatory issues.