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Fiber for Breakfast 2023 Week 31 – The Limits of Fixed Wireless Technology for Rural Communities

As states examine how to best invest federal funds to deploy broadband in unserved and underserved areas, a new study developed by CTC Technology & Energy analyzed fixed wireless technologies and their suitability for delivering broadband service in various environments. Join us for Fiber for Breakfast and an in-depth conversation analyzing fixed wireless and fiber technology in unserved rural areas. Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Andrew Afflerbach, P.E., will discuss considerations such as long-term impacts of fiber technology through infrastructure and population mapping; realistic cost modeling; and the maintenance, benefits, capacity, and performance of fiber technology.

Webinar Guest:

Andrew Afflerbach, Ph.D., P.E.
CEO and Chief Technology Officer
CTC Technology & Energy

A licensed Professional Engineer, Dr. Andrew Afflerbach specializes in the planning, designing, and implementation oversight of fiber and wireless broadband communications networks, smart cities strategies, and public safety networks. He is an experienced network planner who understands the business and financial implications of various network designs and has delivered strategic technical guidance on wired and wireless communications issues to cities, states, and national governments. As CTC’s Chief Technology Officer, Andrew oversees all technical analysis and engineering work performed by the firm. With over 25 years of broadband experience, Andrew testifies as an expert witness on broadband communications issues and is frequently consulted on critical communications policy issues through technical analyses submitted to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and policymakers.