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Fiber for Breakfast 2023 Week 34 – Rock Down to Electric Avenue: Electric Utilities and Their Role in Broadband Expansion

Electric Power Utilities have been in the business of delivering power and other necessary utilities to all the communities across the United States for almost 200 years, at every level of scale. They have created the most granular utility delivery system by leveraging generational investments into long-term assets that have allowed us to become the most advanced and productive economy on the planet. High-speed Broadband Networks are clearly a necessity to maintain our position as the economic and development benchmark in the world. This new utility is critical for us to monitor, manage, secure, and shape our power infrastructure as well as to deliver new services. This includes Internal Network Requirements, Green Power Initiatives, Rapid Service Restoration, Demand Balancing, Asset Tracking, EMA, Public Safety as well as Fiber-based Broadband Internet applications, just to name a few. In this Fiber for Breakfast, Scott Pell, VP of Quality at FiberRise, will talk about the flexibility of Fiber Broadband as a utility and how Power Companies will play a major part in the continued deployment of Fiber across the country.

Webinar Guest:

With 25 years of Broadband experience, primarily in underserved areas, Scott Pell has unique expertise in forging relationships across the industry to serve the broader marketplace. He recently joined FiberRise® as the VP of Quality. He leads the Process Improvement, Quality and Scaling Initiatives for the company. In January, Scott will take over the role of VP of Operations. Previously, Scott served as the division CTO for NRTC Broadband Solutions, where he led the scaling efforts to support rapid growth. Before that, he founded API Digital in Huntsville, AL which was focused on building, operating, and supporting networks for underserved areas…including Huntsville at the time. The company was acquired by NRTC in 2017.