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Fiber for Breakfast 2023 Week 35 – New Evidence: End-to-End Fiber Broadband Is Changing Lives

The Fiber Broadband Association has sponsored a large random study of online consumers for 16 years now to monitor trends in broadband performance, satisfaction, life impacts, and more. The 2022 Study broke new ground, digging deeper into the ways that high quality broadband – especially fiber – is making a difference in the world. Join us on Fiber for Breakfast and see how fiber to the home is impacting the lives of those in low income and minority categories in terms of education, healthcare, entrepreneurship, and job quality. The session will also examine ways fiber is helping to lower U.S. carbon emissions, enabling new migration trends to more rural areas, and improving personal productivity.

Webinar Presenters:

• Deborah Kish, Vice President of Research and Workforce Development, Fiber Broadband Association
• Mike Render, Founder and CEO, RVA LLC Market Research and Consulting Group
• John George, Sr. Director, Solutions and Professional Services, OFS, and Chair of the Fiber Broadband Association’s Technology Committee