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Fiber for Breakfast 2023 Week 39 – State of the States: Broadband Mapping Initiatives at the State Level

IIJA / BEAD and the ARP / Capital Projects Fund each offer unprecedented funding to states for broadband infrastructure deployments. One of the requirements is that each state or territory assumes an active role in identifying those areas of greatest need for broadband infrastructure deployment (also meeting a long list of other requirements) and runs a grant program. A small number of states have been proactive in collecting data and making it available to the public. Two best-in-class examples include North Carolina, in collecting geospatial speed test data and associated primary survey research, and Georgia, in collecting performance data from each ISP based on a fabric of specific locations. Join us for this Fiber for Breakfast to learn how each of these data sets can be visualized and integrated into a broader GIS decision-making process that reflects the funding criteria of BEAD.

Webinar Guests:

J. Randolph Luening (whitepaper author), Founder and CEO, Signals Analytics, LLC /
Eric McRae, Associate Director, Carl Vinson Institute of Government, University of Georgia
Ray Zeisz, Senior Director, Technology Infrastructure Lab, Friday Institute, North Carolina State University